You can quickly find your favorite gameplay moments by sorting and filtering your recorded gameplay sessions. 

Sort your sessions by their date of recording or the game name by:

  • Launching Gameshots and clicking on the "Play" icon located on the left-hand side
  • Next, tap on the "Sort" icon within "My sessions"
  • Lastly, select from the drop-down menu how you would like to sort your gameplay sessions

Additionally, you can filter the library of your recorded sessions for a specific game. 

To do this:

  • Launch Gameshots and click on the "Play" icon
  • Under the My sessions tab, tap on the "Filter" icon
  • Select the game(s) which you'd like to see your recorded sessions for. Alternatively, you can also type in the game name on the search bar within the drop-down menu.

You can also view the in-game event contained within an auto-recorded clip by hovering your mouse cursor over the clip's thumbnail. 

How can I sort my recorded sessions?

1. Launch Gameshots and click on the "Play" icon, as shown below.

2. Tap on the "Sort" icon.

3. From the drop-down menu, you can select:

  • Game name A-Z
  • Game name Z-A
  • Date closest to now
  • Date farthest to now

Using the sort menu can greatly help in accessing the sessions you want, faster than before!

That's all folks, Now it's super easy to explore your favorite sessions in a well-organized library. 

How can I filter my recorded sessions?

1. Launch Gameshots and click on the "Play" icon as shown below.

2. Click on the "Filter" icon. 

3. Select the game(s) whose sessions you'd like to view. Your selection(s) will also be highlighted on the top left, as shown below. 

Note: You can also type in the game's name within the search box.

4. You can also hover your mouse on the clip to see the contained in-game event, as shown below.

That's all folks! Accessing your favorite moments is now easier than ever!

Last Updated 28th June 2022.

Thanks for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always ready to help.