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What are Mini Games?

Mini Games can be used by the Creators while streaming a video to make the entire streaming experience even more interactive and interesting. It allows the audience to participate in a mini game match and enjoy the stream simultaneously.

As a Creator, you can use mini-games to have viewers build a team and compete against each other in small games while watching the stream. It helps in increasing viewer engagement by having them compete to out-tap each other and push their respective team to victory.

Note: You can only toggle mini-games after having enabled a video stream. If you'd like to see how to enable a video stream, check out this guide.

To toggle mini games settings, you should:

  • Pick a game of your choice under the "Games setting" category
  • Choose a character categoryteams per game and teams names as per your desire
  • You can even upload team logos if you want and then finally tap the "Start game" button

Just follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I enable Mini games for Followers in my stream?

Note: Enabling a stream for your Club can be done from the "Creator's space". If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide.

1. Firstly, launch the app and tap the "Create" tab.

Note: The "Followers" count shown under "My dashboard" reflects the number of Club Followers gained this month by default and not the total count.

2. Nowpress the "Stream Now" option from the “Stream a video” section.

3. Now, on the Stream videos page, refer to this guide to fill in all the stream settings. Once done, scroll down to GAME SETTINGS

a. "Mini games"

  • "CHOOSE GAME": you can choose from either:
    • "Boxing" - Two or more teams of boxers will face against each other. The team that taps on the screen more will be the last boxer standing.
    • "Stream race" - Two or more teams of racing turtles will compete in a race. The team that taps on the screen more will have their turtle win the race. 

b. "Team":

  • "CHOOSE CHARACTER CATEGORY": Tap to pick a character category for the game. The "Preview" button can help you see what it looks like.

  • "TEAMS PER GAME": Choose the total number of teams that can compete against each other in the game.

  • "TEAMS NAMES": You can choose the name of teams.

c. "UPLOAD TEAM LOGOS": Enable this if you want viewers to upload a team logo for the mini game teams.

4. Once you've finalized on all other settings, select the "Start game" button to prepare your tournament.

That’s all Folks! Feel free to enable mini-games to get your viewers urging for more.

Last Updated 21st Feb 2022.

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