You can customize your recording settings to tailor various functions to your preference, such as hotkeys for recording and more!

You can modify and adjust:

  • Hotkeys: To save gameplay or open the Gameshots overlay
  • Auto-record events: We'll automatically record when you respawn or revive your teammates, in case you forget to record them manually
  • Time before and after the event you want to capture: As an example, you can continue recording for 10 seconds after you respawn a teammate.
  • Events that you want auto-recorded: You can choose to auto-record specific events like kills, knockdowns or assists.

To customize these recording settings:

  • Launch Gameshots and click on the gear icon located on the left
  • Click on "My Games" and select your game
  • Modify all settings as you wish and press "Save changes" once done

Just follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

Note: Currently, only Apex Legends is supported but stay tuned as we'll be adding more games soon! The steps below will remain the same for all games.

How can I modify the recording settings for a game?

1. Launch Gameshots and select the gear icon.

2. Click on "My Games", as shown below.

3. Click on the downward-facing arrow and select your game from the list which will then appear. 

Note: We'll be using Apex Legends for the purpose of this guide however, the steps below will remain the same for any other game.

4. This menu consists of both manual and auto-record capture settings. We'll talk about the various manual capture settings which are available and then move on to the auto-record capture settings.

Manual-capture settings

This section will help you adjust everything related to capturing gameplay manually. You can adjust hotkeys to: 

  • Save instant replay
  • Show/hide the app in-game
  • Show/hide the overlay in-game

You can also adjust the: 

  • Time before and/or after you record gameplay: Enter the number of seconds beside "Select before time" and "Select after time". The number of seconds here cannot exceed 60 seconds or be lower than 5 seconds.

Auto-capture settings

It's hard to predict when those capture-worthy events may occur. To ensure you don't miss out on any gameplay highlights, auto-capture is here to save the day! We'll record your highlights automatically for you while you focus on that squad-wipe.

5. Enable this feature by tapping the "Auto-record events" toggle.

6. Set the seconds before and after the event you want to capture.

7. Click on the checkbox beside the event you'd like to capture. 

8. Once you're done, select "Save changes" to preserve these settings.

That's all folks! You now know how to tailor-make settings to get the best out of capturing epic gameplay moments. 

What's next? You can customize video or audio settings of all the gameplay you record, just how you like it.

Last Updated 17th April 2022.

Thank you for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re always ready to help!