If you have recorded any memorable in-game moments, such as a trick shot with a Kraber in Apex Legends, these sessions and clips can be "favorited" to quickly access and share them with your friends! 

To favorite a clip or a session:

  • Launch Gameshots on your desktop and tap the Play button on the left-hand side
  • Scroll through all or search for the recorded sessions available under the "My sessions" tab
  • To favorite a session, tap on the three dots located under the session and click on "Mark Favorite".
  • To favorite a clip, choose the session under which your favorite clip is recorded and tap on the star icon.

To access these sessions and clips:

  • Launch Gameshots on your desktop and tap the Play button on the left-hand side
  • Tap the "Favorites" tab to see all these sessions and clips

Just follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I favorite a recorded session and/or clip?

1. Launch Gameshots and click on the Play button on the left-hand side, as shown below.

2. To find a specific session, you can either search for it or click on "Sort by date" to rearrange the sessions which are already shown on your screen.

3. To favorite a session, click on the three dots on the bottom right of the session and select "Mark as favorite" from the drop-down menu that will be shown.

4. If you want to favorite a specific clip:

  • Open the session where the clip is 
  • Select the clip and click on the star icon, as shown below.

The steps below will describe how you can access and view the clips and sessions you've favorited.

How can I access and view my favorited clips and sessions?

1. Launch Gameshots on your desktop and click on the Play button.


2. Click on the "Favorites" tab.

3. You'll then be able to see all your favorite sessions and clips.

That's all folks! Favoriting clips is an easy and seamless way to quickly watch and access your best gameplay highlights, such as trick shots. 

Last Updated 17th April 2022.

Thanks for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re always ready to help!