You can easily watch your recorded gameplay on Gameshots by:

  • Clicking on the "Play" icon on your left-hand side
  • Select the session where the clip has been recorded
  • Scroll through the session's clips and select the one you want to watch

Gameplay that you record will be saved as "clips", which are in-game moments such as kills, assists, respawns, etc. 

These clips are organized and placed within "sessions" which are arranged from latest to oldest. The following section describes, in detail, how you can view your recorded gameplay.

Note: Before you view any clips, you can check out this guide to learn how to record your gameplay.

How can I view my recorded gameplay?

1. Launch Gameshots and click on the Play button, as shown below.

2. Here, you'll see all of your sessions arranged in descending order, by the month in which they were recorded.

You can also:

  • Search for a session 
  • Press the "Sort by Date" button, to change the order of the sessions that are being shown.

3. Each session's tile will also show:


  • Session name: By default, it will be numbered e.g Session 1, Session 2, etc.
  • The number of clips within each session.
  • Name of the game 
  • Date when the session was recorded

To view your recorded clips, simply click on the session's tile, as shown below.

4. You'll then be able to see various clips within each session. Click on any of the clips you'd like to watch or, if they're not shown, click on "More" to view all of the clips in this session.

5. You can hover over the recorded clip tile to see the in-game event name of the clip, as shown below.

6. In the video player, you can:

  • Click on the "Play/Pause" button
  • View the length of the clip
  • Click anywhere on the timeline to fast-forward to that moment
  • Adjust volume while watching the clip
  • Click on "Expand" to view the clip in full-screen mode

Just below the video player, you can also see if "Manual" (tapping a hotkey) or "Automatic" (auto-recording an event like a kill or a revive) mode was used while recording this clip. 

Voila! Now that you know how to view your recorded gameplay, you can also:

Last Updated 28th June 2022.

Thank you for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re always ready to help!