You can record your gameplay using Gameshots by: 

  • Starting a recording and ending it after a decided number of seconds: This is a great way to capture short videos that you can quickly share!
  • Auto-recording in-game events: Capture various in-game events, such as kills or headshots, without pressing any hotkey. You can refer to this guide to modify settings for auto-recording.

Before you start recording, first view and/or configure your hotkeys within Gameshots. To do this:

  • Launch Gameshots and tap the gear icon located on the left
  • Head to "My Games" and select the game you want to record for
  • The hotkeys needed for recording can be found here. 
  • If you want to edit any of the hotkeys, simply click on the control and press the new key on your keyboard. 

Once you’ve configured your hotkeys, simply play the game and press the hotkeys to capture your highlights! Just follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I record my gameplay using Gameshots?

You can record your gameplay :

  • Saving an instant replay: Press the hotkey and we'll start the recording! This will then be saved after a preset number of seconds, which you can decide.
  • Enabling auto-recording: We'll do the work for you and automatically record your headshots, kills, assists and more! 

We'll start off with how you can save an instant replay and then move on to how you can enable auto-recording.

Starting a recording and ending it after a specific number of seconds

1. Launch Gameshots and tap the gear icon.

2. Click on "My Games".

3. Choose the game you want to capture gameplay for by tapping the downward-facing arrow. Click here to find out the list of all the games that are now supported on Gameshots.

Note: For purposes of this guide, Apex Legends will be used. However, the steps remain the same for any other game.

4. Check out the hotkey for "Save instant replay". If you want to change this and other game settings, refer to this guide.

5. Scroll down and set the seconds you want to be captured before and after you've tapped the hotkey.

Note: The before and after time combined cannot exceed 60 seconds.

6. Head to the game and press the hotkey you've set in Step 4

A "Recording Started" pop-up will be shown right after.

7. After the time you've set in Step 5 has been reached, the recording will automatically stop. A "Replay Saved" message will verify that your recording has been saved.

Auto-recording gameplay highlights

1. Head over to the "My Games" tab, as shown below. 

2. Scroll down and click on the toggle beside "Auto-record events", as shown below. 

Note: You can also record your gameplay before and after the highlight by specifying the time besides "Select before time" and "Select after time". As an example, once you get a headshot, we'll record 10 seconds of your gameplay before and after the headshot.

3. You can further decide which events to record by scrolling down and clicking on the checkbox next to the listed events. You will see a green/yellow/red colored dot beside your game indicating if the auto-recording sessions are available/ partially available or unavailable for your game.

4. Remember to click on "Save changes" once you're done!

That's all folks! With the recording saved, you can do the following:

Last Updated 28th June 2022.

Thank you for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re always ready to help!