Gameshots is an app by that makes recording intuitive, easy and fun! It is ideal for capturing your best gameplay moments on your desktop/laptop, to cherish on your own or showcase to your friends.

Additionally, you can easily share your recorded gameplay on any Club that you're a member of. As a Creator, this can greatly help in increasing your Club's popularity by attracting a wider audience. 

To download and install Gameshots:

  • Open Overwolf Appstore on your browser
  • Search for "Gameshots" by clicking on the search icon
  • Select Gameshots and click on "Download"
  • Lastly, open the installer file to start the installation process.

Once Gameshots has been installed, head over here to see all you can do with it. You can also view the following section for detailed steps on how you download and install Gameshots.

How can I download and install Gameshots?

1. Open Overwolf Appstore on your browser and click on the magnifying glass, as shown below.

2. Type in "Gameshots" and click on the Gameshots tile that will then appear.

3. Click on "Download" within the pop-up that will be shown. Once the download is complete, click on the installer file, as shown below.

Note: Google Chrome has been used here. If you're on another browser, simply navigate to where the installer file has been downloaded and double-click on it.

4. You'll then see a "Gameshots Installer" pop-up. Click on "Next" to begin the installation process.

5. Once the installation process is complete, click on "Launch", as shown below.

You can now begin recording your gameplay and sharing it with your Clubs! To get started, you can know more about:

Last Updated 24th June 2022.

Thanks for using gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always ready to help!