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As a Creator, all NFTs you've published on can also be directly sold on the Marketplace.

Note: This is only valid for NFTs created and published after the 2.3.0 update. Any NFTs prior to this update will be listed automatically on the Marketplace if you already linked your account.

The Marketplace is a one-stop shop to explore, like, share and trade gaming NFTs with fellow enthusiasts around the world. To know more about the Marketplace, check out this guide.

By listing your NFTs on the Marketplace directly, you increase the chances of selling more of them and having them fly off the shelves.

Even better, the payouts for these will be directly sent to your account every month without any extra work needed from your end. You can track the sales info in that Club's Dashboard. This will help you better plan your sales strategy for the future.

To sell your NFTs on the Marketplace:

  • Launch the app and access the "Create" tab in the "Creator's space"
  • Tap on "Create now"
  • Either upload an artwork or choose from existing templates
  • In the "Create NFT" page at the end of the process, select the tickbox below
  • Tap "Publish" to list the NFT on

In case you've already published an NFT, you can view the following article:

To view your Marketplace NFT sales info, you can:

  • Launch the app and scroll down the Creator's Dashboard
  • Under the "Recent transactions" section, you'll see the info on NFTs sold on the Marketplace

You can follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I directly sell published NFTs on the Marketplace?

Note: The option to create an NFT is found in the "Creator's space"If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide. 

1. Launch and tap the "Create" tab below.

2. Select the "Create Now" button in blue under the "Create a NFT" section.

3. Several sample NFT templates will be shown. Choose the one you want to modify or you can also "Upload" your own.

4. Edit the template as you see fit. To know more about all the different options and features here, refer to this guide for a detailed breakdown. Press "Next" to continue.

5. Then, press "Next" one more time.

6. Scroll down till you see the "PUBLISH NFT ON NOW.GG MARKETPLACE" toggle which you can enable. Tap the "i" icon to know more about the Marketplace.

7. Fill in the remaining details. Tick the "Accept the Terms of Service" checkbox and press "Publish" to proceed.

8. A pop-up will verify that the artwork will be published soon. You'll receive a notification when it has gone live. 

9. Once published on, you will be able to see it listed on the Marketplace too. To know how to access them there, refer to this guide.

If you have sold these NFTs on the Marketplace and want to view the sales info, the next section will be of great help. 

How can I view my sales info for NFTs sold on Marketplace?

Note: You can view your sales info in the "Creator's space"If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide.  

1. Launch the app and scroll down to "Recent transactions" section in the Club's Dashboard. 

You can then see an orange tag titled "Sold on nft" above the NFTs sold on the Marketplace. Tap on "more" to see them all.

2. On this "Transactions" page, details like date, amount and more will also be shown in all NFT cards for reference.

That's all folks! You can now list NFTs on the Marketplace and view all the sales info separate from the other NFT sales. All the best on your NFT journey!

Last Updated 21st January 2022.

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