On the now.gg Marketplace, you might want to access NFTs that you've:

  • Owned - To download, share or upload as a wallpaper
  • Listed - To put them up for sale
  • Created - To see the ones you've synced from different platforms after creating NFTs there
  • Liked - For when you'd like to buy them later

Luckily all these can be accessed in your now.gg Marketplace profile. To get there, you have to:

  • Launch the website and press the "Dashboard" option top right
  • Scroll down your profile page to access your owned, listed, created and liked NFTs

For a more detailed step-by-step breakdown, you can check out the steps below.

How can I access owned, listed, created and liked NFTs?

Note: now.gg Marketplace can be accessed on mobile devices and computers. For the purposes of this guide, the computer-version images will be shown. However, the steps remain identical for both. 

1. Launch the now.gg Marketplace on your browser and click on "Dashboard", at the top right. 

2. Next, sign-in by clicking on your preferred method, as shown below. 

Note: For more details on how you can sign-in, refer to this guide. If you haven't created an account yet, check out this guide.

3. Once you've signed in, scroll down to see the NFT section. Here, you'll find your:

  • Owned NFTs - Open by default. These include both NFTs that you've purchased on the now.gg Marketplace and on other platforms (if you've synced them to the Marketplace).

  • For Sale - This will show all the NFTs that have been listed for sale by you. To share such NFTs to potential buyers or friends, check out this guide.

  • Created - Here, you can view all the NFTs that have been created by you on other platforms (like game.tv) that have been synced to the now.gg Marketplace.

  • Liked - View all the NFTs that you've liked. To know how to like an NFT and save it for later to buy, check out this guide.

Voila! You can now accordingly do as you wish with the various NFTs that you've seen in the steps above.

Last Updated 21th January 2022.

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