So many NFTs to see, so much time spent. But you've finally narrowed down the one you want.

By purchasing an NFT, you will be permanently owning digital art that you can download to use as a wallpaper, share via social media, or even list for sale later on. 

Plus, it's a great way for you to support artists whose work you like.

You can use this guide to help you both purchase an NFT and view them after purchase whenever you want.

To purchase NFTs, you can:

  • Open the Marketplace and select the one you want to buy
  • Tap "Buy"
  • Complete the payout process
  • Post the "Payment successful" pop-up, the NFT is all yours

To view your purchased NFTs, you can:

  • Open the Marketplace and press the side drawer icon
  • Select your profile
  • Scroll down on your profile page
  • By default, you'll see the "Owned" tab where all your purchased NFTs can be viewed

You can also follow the detailed steps below or click the respective links above to know how to purchase NFTs or view your purchased NFTs.

Note: To buy NFTs, you should first connect your Blocto wallet and ensure you have sufficient balance in your wallet for the purchase.

How can I purchase NFTs on the Marketplace

Note: Marketplace can be accessed on mobile devices and computers. For the purposes of this guide, the computer-version images will be shown. However, the steps remain identical for both.

1. Open the Marketplace on your browser.

2. Select the NFT of your choice from the options provided.

Note: If you've liked an NFT before (by clicking the heart icon), it will be saved to your profile. To know how to access "Liked NFTs" and purchase them now, check out this guide.

3. This will open the NFT page. Select "Buy".

Note: You need FLOW, a cryptocurrency, to purchase NFTs on the Marketplace. Check out this guide to know how to add FLOW into your wallet.

4. If you have not signed into the Marketplace, you'll be asked to do so now. To know how, refer to this guide.

5. After you've signed in, the "Checkout" page will show the following:

    a. "Quantity" - Set this to decide the number of NFT copies you want to buy.

    b. "Item total" - The purchase amount in Flow.

    c. "Total Amount" - The total price for the NFT. The dollar worth for the Flow amount will be shown in brackets.

6. Press "Pay <FLOW amount>" to proceed.

7. A green message and pop-up will confirm that you've purchased the NFT and it will be synced into your profile. Tap "Done" to proceed.

8. The amount will then get deducted from your wallet and the desired NFT will be visible as purchased.

That's all folks! Now go forth and buy as many NFTs as you please.

This next section will help you access these purchased NFTs anytime you want.

How can I access my purchased NFTs?

1. Launch the Marketplace on your browser of choice.

2. Click on the side drawer icon.

3. Select your profile.

4. By default the "Owned" section of NFTs will be shown, where you can view all your purchased NFTs.

Voila! You can use this to:

Click on the respective links to know more.

Last Updated 21st January 2022.

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