By creating your Marketplace profile, you can showcase who you are and advertise your presence on social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more. 

You'd also need to create a profile if you wish to:

  • Buy NFTs
  • List NFTs for sale
  • Like NFTs you come across
  • and more...

If you've already created your profile, you can also use this guide to edit or modify the details you've entered before.

To create or edit your profile, you should:

  • Open the Marketplace and click on "Dashboard"
  • Sign in using your Facebook, Discord or Google account to create your profile
  • Click on "Edit profile" on your profile page
  • You can now edit your profile/cover pic, user name, link your social media account and more!

You can browse through the detailed steps with illustrations in the following section below.

How can I create/edit my Marketplace Profile?

Note: Marketplace can be accessed on mobile devices and computers. For the purposes of this guide, the computer-version images will be shown. Rest assured the steps are identical regardless of whether you're on your computer or mobile.

1. Launch the Marketplace on your browser of choice. Click on the "Dashboard" tab located top right.

2. You'll be asked to sign-in if you haven't already. If you want to know how to "Sign in", refer to this guide. If you haven't created an Marketplace account, check out this guide for help.

3. Select "Edit Profile".

4. This will open the "Edit Profile" page. Select "Upload" to choose your "Profile Picture" from any saved images on your device.

5. Adjust your image within the circular bounds. Use the "Zoom" slider to zoom in or out of the image. Click on "Confirm crop" to save the picture.

6. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 above to set the "Cover Picture" too.

7. Enter your name and user name below.

Note: A minimum of five alphanumeric characters is required. Please don't use any special characters, spaces or symbols.

8. Write a few words to describe yourself to others in the "About yourself" section.

Note: There is a 400 word-limit here.

9. "Social Profiles" section will help you redirect viewers to respective links for the following:

    a. Website


    c. Twitter

    d. Instagram

10. Choose "Save" below to preserve these changes.

11. The green "Success" message will indicate all profile changes have been saved.

Voila! Your profile has been set to showcase to the world.

Last Updated 14th January 2022.

Thanks for using MarketplaceLet us know if you have any further questions. We’re always ready to help.