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As a Follower, creating a video short for a Club you're part of is a great way to flaunt your in-game skills to other Followers while at the same time, you can contribute to the Club in a meaningful way. Why should only Club Admins/Creators have all the fun creating them!

To start creating create avideo shorts:

Note: Please ensure your videos do not contain any offensive or explicit material. Club Admins will have the right to take down and remove such content.

How can I create video shorts?

1. Launch the app and select the "Clubs" tab below.

2. Choose your Club from the "My clubs" section or tap "more >" to see all Clubs you're following.

Note: To follow a Club, refer to this guide.

3. Tap on "+New" just below "Shorts", as shown below.

Note: You can also tap on the 3 dots, on the top right, and select "Create a short" from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, choose the videos tab and select "Create a short" below.

4. Tap on " Camera" to record a video or select a video from the list.

5. Enable the required phone permissions (Camera, Audio and Storage) by selecting “Allow”. 

Your camera will now open, allowing you to either:

6. Preview the selected/ created shorts video and tap " Continue".

7. Tap on "Select a game" and scroll through all the available games or search for it in the space above. Select a game icon for which you'd like to create a video short and "Add a description, #Hashtag" you like and choose "Upload" to upload your shorts.

8. Once the video short is uploaded successfully a message will appear on your screen as 

"Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded successfully".

How can I record clips for a video short using the camera?

1. Press the camera icon located bottom right, to toggle between front or the rear camera and tap the red button to record. 

2. You can stop the recording either by selecting the stop icon or by letting the blue bar above fill to completion.

3. After recording the clip, you can press the "Preview" button below right to view the final recording. 

If you'd like to go back, select the arrow on the top left, to return to the previous Step.

However, if you are not happy with the recording tap "Delete" on the bottom left and can re-record the video.

To know how to publish your recording, tap here.

You can also learn how to choose existing clips from your gallery to use as a video short, by going through the section below. 

How can I upload a clip from my Gallery?

1. Press the photo icon.

2. To change the folder and access more options, tap on the current folder's name or press the downward-facing arrow just beside that, as shown below.

3. Choose the folder you want. 

4. Here, you can select multiple clips by tapping on them.

5. These will show up below, along with the total duration.

6. When ready, select "Continue".

7. It may take some time to upload and process. Wait for it to complete.


8. You can then:

  • Select "Continue" to proceed to the publishing screen.
  • Preview the selected video short.
  • Tap the "Back" button to return to the previous screen.

After pressing "Continue", you will be taken to the page where you can post the video short. Here you can add a description, cover image and hashtags before your video is made live.

How can I upload the created clip(s) as a video short?

Whether you record a clip or upload a clip from your gallery, the steps below are common to both to help you publish a video short.

1. In the "Post a short" page you can start by selecting a game of your choice from the available games or search for it in the space above.

2.Add a description for the video shorts. 

3. Tap "#Hashtag" to select a hashtag topic. 

4. You can also manually enter a hashtag of your own. 

5. Press anywhere in the "Choose cover" region to pick the thumbnail. 

6. Go through the timeline to select a frame from the clip for your Album Art. This will serve as the cover photo for the video short. Tap "Continue" when ready.

7. When you're all set, select "Upload".

8. You can see the upload progress.

9. Once the video short is uploaded successfully a message will appear on your screen as 

"Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded successfully".

The next section will help you view your created video shorts in the Club itself.

How can I view my published video shorts in the Club?

1. Head back to the Club's main page. You can see most recent video shorts (including yours) in the "Shorts" section. If you can't see it, refresh the page by pulling the screen from above. 

Note: To know how to get here, refer to the first section of this article.

2. Or select the videos tab above. This will show all video shorts of that Club including yours.

3. Select "My shorts" filter to only display video shorts that you have created.

Done done done! Now you know where to view all your created video shorts.

Last Updated 31st May 2022.

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