What is the now.gg Marketplace and how does it help me?

The  now.gg Marketplace is your one-stop shop for all gaming NFTs. NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens or digital artworks (video, image or GIF) that are unique, can be bought and sold, and come with proof of ownership, giving them exclusivity.

now.gg Marketplace brings this NFT revolution to the gaming world. Here you can:

  • Sync NFTs purchased from other platforms to access them all in one place
  • Explore and buy NFTs, choosing from worldwide collections
  • Sell NFTs you've created or re-sell purchased NFTs for bigger amounts
  • Like and share NFTs with your friends and social media followings
  • Create and personalise your profile by adding pics, a bio among others
  • And so much more...

Integrated with the Blocto app, all NFTs bought and synced will be stored on to their blockchain, making the proof of your purchases permanent and visible to all.

Now that you have an idea of what the now.gg Marketplace is, you can learn what all can be done on the now.gg Marketplace in the next section.

How can I use the now.gg Marketplace?

Note: now.gg Marketplace can be accessed on mobile devices and computers. For the purposes of this guide, the computer-version images will be shown though the steps remain the same.

1. Explore and like NFTs you come across on the now.gg Marketplace: The now.gg Marketplace features NFTs from around the world which you can add to your collection.

2. Create an account or if you have, sign-in to the now.gg Marketplace: By signing into now.gg Marketplace completely, you can sync NFTs you've purchased on other platforms and even link your Blocto wallet, required to buy and sell NFTs.

3. View and learn more about any NFTs you see: Know more about the NFTs you see on the now.gg Marketplace. This includes their trade history, copies available for sale, owner details and more.

4. Buy NFTs you've come across on the now.gg Marketplace: You can buy NFTs with FLOW, the cryptocurrency used here. To know more and add FLOW to your Blocto wallet, check out this guide.

5. Sell NFTs synced from other platforms or purchased from the now.gg Marketplace: You can set the number of copies, price and more. The proceeds will be deposited in the form of FLOW.

6. Create or edit your own now.gg Marketplace profile: You can set your profile pic, cover pic, user name, and websites & SM handles here. Also, you can access NFTs you own, like, and more here. To know how, refer to this guide.

7. Share NFTs to interested folks: Whether you came across an NFT you think someone may like, bought any or want to send one you've listed for sale, you can share them via social media and chat.

That’s all Folks! Keep an eye out for future updates as we plan to bring you the convenience of auctioning purchased NFTs for the highest price.

Last Updated 17th January 2022.

Thanks for using now.gg Marketplace. Let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always ready to help.