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You can create and manage content (tournaments, short videos, streams and NFTs) for your Club using Creator's Space which houses the Creator's Dashboard.

If you want to switch from being a Gamer to a Creator, you can follow these steps shown below to get to the Creator's Space in a jiffy.

How can I access the Creator's Space?

1. Launch the app and select the "More" option on the Navigation bar.


2. Press the down arrow next to the "Gamer's Space".


 3. Next, select your Club from the list that will be shown. 


Note: If you've not created your Club yet, select "Add new club" to get started.


4. This will open the Creator’s Dashboard for the selected Club.

You can learn more on how to create tournaments, NFTs and short videos using this guide, which explains all these steps in detail.

Last Updated 11th November 2021.

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