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As a Creator, you can track sales of multiple NFTs and Fan Passes to view and create a strategy to boost your income.

To do this, you should:

  • Scroll down your Club's dashboard and tap on the "Total income" card.
  • Acquaint yourself with the different sections found on the "Payouts" page.
  • Switch between "Fan Pass", "NFTs" and "Total" (NFTs + Fan Passes) tabs to view your income details.

Note: You can customize your Fan Pass pricing to boost your income using this guide.

Just follow the simple steps below to access all your payout information.

How can I view my total income from NFTs and Fan Passes?

Note: The payout info is found in the Creator's Dashboard. If you want to get to the Dashboard from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide. 

1. On the Creator's Dashboard page, select "Total Income" from the "My dashboard" section.

2. You'll find your total "Current Income" right on top of the "Payouts" page.

3. You will receive payouts of your income at the end of each month when they exceed the minimum threshold of $25 as shown by the green bar in the image below.

Note: If your income does not meet this threshold during a month, the payouts will be made during the next monthly cycle when your current income is at least $25.

4. The "Payout History" and "View more" will show the income payout details below, starting from latest to oldestYou can learn more about the following details: 

  • Date when the payout had been processed
  • The monthly period during which your payout was earned
  • Amount earned in that payout period

That's it, folks! With this, you can stay up to date and track your Payouts info and be the Master of your Income.

Last Updated 31st May 2022.

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