After signing into the Marketplace, your next step is to connect a Blocto wallet to your Marketplace account. 

This will allow you to buy NFTs you've come across or sell NFTs that you've synced from other NFT platforms. The Blocto Wallet will also store proofs of your NFT purchases and trades, allowing you to authenticate NFTs as truly belonging to you and not just taken from somewhere else.

To connect your Blocto Wallet , you'll need to:

  • Launch the Marketplace site and click on "Sign in" (if you haven't already)
  • Press the side drawer icon and choose "Connect Blocto wallet"
  • Read through the infographics and tap "Sign in with Blocto"
  • Enter your email and then the OTP sent to that email 
  • Proceed through two more pop-ups to set up your Blocto wallet

You can read through the next section to know more about what a Blocto Wallet is. If you want detailed steps on how to connect a Blocto Wallet, skip to this section.

What is a Blocto Wallet?

The NFTs you purchase on and other platforms are secured by the Blockchain - a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Blockchain technology can be used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, tracking digital use and payments to content creators, such as artists or musicians. However, there are several different blockchain technologies and no common "browser" to aid navigation through the blockchain world. For this reason, the experience can be very confusing for new users. 

Blocto is a digital wallet that provides a common, consistent user interface for a set of applications built on top of various blockchains. It simplifies the use of blockchain applications to let you use them in an intuitive and familiar way without the need to master the underlying technology. It also provides an accessible blockchain identity system. You can interact with various blockchain applications, purchase and utilize thousands of different crypto assets with this identity. You can access the same identity from multiple devices. 

The next section will help you connect, your Blocto Wallet to the Marketplace, allowing you to trade, buy and sell with complete ease.

How can I connect my Blocto Wallet?

Note: Marketplace can be accessed on mobile devices and computers. For the purposes of this guide, the computer-version images will be shown though the steps remain the same.

1. Launch the Marketplace on your browser of choice. Select the "Sign in" button.

Note: If you have already signed in, skip to Step 3.

2. Sign in using the same social media account you've linked to Marketplace.

3. Select the side drawer icon.

4. Choose the "Connect Wallet" button.

5. Read through the infographics given. Click on "Sign in with blocto" to proceed.

6. On the Blocto page, enter your existing Blocto email or the one with which you want to create a Blocto account and press "REGISTER"

7. An OTP will be sent to your entered email. 

8. Type the OTP in the blanks provided to proceed.

Note: Click "Resend" or check your Spam folder in case you didn't receive it.

9. "CONFIRM" your "EMAIL" and "ADDRESS" below.

10. Click on "APPROVE" to proceed. 

11. The "Blocto connected" pop-up will verify your successful linking.

12. When clicking on the side drawer menu, the Wallet ID will be shown.

That's all folks! Your Blocto Wallet is now connected and you're all set to add FLOW to your wallet to get started on purchasing NFTs.

Last Updated 18th January 2022.

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