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You can now easily host automated PUBG tournaments as a Club Admin, Manager or Moderator, a vast improvement over the manual tournaments you may have hosted in the past.

The following aspects will now be handled automatically, saving you time and energy in the process:

  • Room Creation
  • Brackets for grouping players together or against each other
  • Purchasing of Room Cards
  • ...and more!

To host an automated PUBG tournament, you just need to:

  • Create Lobby
  • Validate your PUBG Account
  • Purchase Room Cards 

The steps are described in detail below. Many of them are one-time only, making tournaments that much faster and easier to host.

Note: This capability is currently available in select South American and South-East Asian countries. We plan to make it available in more countries worldwide soon.

How can I Host an Automated PUBG Tournament?

Note: The tournaments you want to host can be found in the "Creator's space". If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide.

1. Tap the "Content" tab below.

2. Choose the PUBG tournament from the list shown.

3. On the tournament page, after players have registered, hit the "Lobby" tab above.

4. Choose "Create Lobby".

5. Press "Lobby 1" in light blue.

6. Tap the "Create match lobby".

7. "Submit" your "IN-GAME ID" and "IGN (IN GAME NAME)" to proceed.

Note: For returning Hosts, skip directly to Step 10 below after tapping on "Submit".

8. Press "Validate" to proceed.

Note: This is a one-time operation. Once validated, (unless you change the In-Game ID), will remember your sign-in for future PUBG tournaments.

9. This will take you to the PUBG App loading screen. It will automatically validate your login credentials.

10. After returning back to the app, choose "Publish" to create your Room.

11. This will take you back to the PUBG app. 

12. In case you do not have a Room Card, you'll be shown this error pop-up. Tap "OK" to purchase a Room Card.

Note: You must purchase a Room Card to be able to host any PUBG tournament.

13. Once the Room Card is ready, the "Play" button will be enabled in under a minute for the Followers to start joining. It will also be informed via notification.

14. You will be redirected to the PUBG room where you can "Start" playing the game with your fellow members or "Spectate".

15. If you head back to the app, you'll see the "Lobby created" pop-up, verifying all the work you've done. Press "Got it" below to continue.

Done, done, done! You can now host automated PUBG tournaments without worries.

Last Updated 22nd November 2021.

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