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What are automated tournaments? Tournaments that are faster to play and very easy to join as compared to manually organized ones.

You can now register for automated PUBG tournaments very quickly.  We have made a few optimizations for reducing the time you spend registering for such tournaments.

It requires a one-time process of validation (if you are not validated already). Your account will be remembered from then on, making your registration to PUBG tournaments one-click only.

With the help of this guide, you can:

  • Enter your In-Game ID
  • Validate your PUBG Account
  • Register for the PUBG tournament

This capability is currently live only for South American and South-East Asian countries. It will be made available for other countries soon. 

Note: This guide is valid only for automated PUBG tournaments. For other modes and/or games, check out this guide instead.

How can I register for an automated PUBG Tournament?

1. In the "Gamer's space", there are different ways to access PUBG Tournaments like through the:

  • Home Feed
  • "Tournaments" Tab
  • Followed Club's Main/Tournament page or
  • Tournament link shared to you via social media or messaging platforms

Note: If you can't see enough PUBG tournaments, scroll down to load more. Or follow more Clubs.

2. Read through the Rules, Description and Prize info before selecting "Register" below to proceed.

3. Here, enter the "IN-GAME ID" and "IGN (In-Game Name)" in the space provided. 

Note: If you don't know where to find your In-Game Name, refer to the "How to find in-game..." drop-down box below.

4. Select "Submit" below to proceed.

Note: For returning players, skip directly to Step 7 below.

5. Select "Validate" to proceed

Note: This is a one-time operation. Once validated, unless you change the In-Game ID, the app will remember your sign-in for future PUBG tournaments.

6. This will take you to the PUBG App loading screen. It will automatically validate your login credentials and take you back to the app.

7. Select the "Register" option.

8. It will open the Tournament Feed page, signifying that you have registered.

9. Post all registrations, the Host will create the Room Lobby, indicated by the "Preparing for match" button in grey.

10. After that's done, the "Play" button will turn blue. Click on it to enter the Room directly (no Room ID and password required) and start playing.

Note: You be informed about this via an in-app notification.

Congratulations! You can now register for all the automated PUBG tournaments you want with ease.

Last Updated 22nd November 2021.

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