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The Marketplace syncs all NFTs purchased across different platforms like This allows you to access them all in one convenient place.

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1. What is the Marketplace?

2. How to link your ID to the Marketplace?

Note: You should have purchased a NFT on to use this guide.

What is the Marketplace?

If you buy NFTs from 3-4 different NFT platforms, your challenge is to be able to

  • View your entire collection all at once
  • Trade them across platforms.

Your Marketplace  

  • Syncs all purchased NFT assets across multiple NFT platforms, e.g,, and makes them accessible from one place. 
  • In the future, you will be able to buy, trade, and sell NFTs from this single dashboard easily. Marketplace is also connected to your Blocto wallet, with your authorization of course, to ensure permanent and indisputable proof of ownership for your NFT assets.

How can I link my ID to Marketplace?

1. Open Marketplace with your browser of choice. Sign in using any of the provided options.

Note: If you're having any difficulties, click the "Contact us" button below.

2. Sync all accounts where you've purchased NFTs from. Click "Continue" to proceed.

Note: Each account you've selected will open its own "Authorize <account name>" page. The following steps will only focus on linking your ID.

3. Next, enter the ID you want linked.

Note: Check the "How to get your ID" card below to know where to get the ID.

4. Once you enter the ID, an OTP will be sent to the App. 

Note: The green tick mark will show you've entered the correct ID.

5. Launch and head to the notification section (bell icon in the upper right corner) to get the OTP.

Note: If you can't see it, switch to the "Creator" side (only valid for those with a Club). 

6. Enter the OTP on the Marketplace page. Click "Resend" to try again.

7. The "Syncing" page will come up next. Here, all your purchased NFTs across will be synced to Marketplace.

8. You can now access all your NFTs (from different platforms) in one place.

That's all folks! Now sync your Marketplace account to access all your NFTs in one place.

Last Updated 07th February 2022.

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