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You can manage all your NFTs purchased across several platforms, including, from the NFT Dashboard at

What's even better? Soon this dashboard will allow you to sell, buy and trade a wide variety of NFTs.

This guide will help you manage NFTs purchased on by showing you how to navigate from the app to this dashboard.

Note: You will need to purchase an NFT to be able to manage it. To learn how, check out this guide.

How can I manage my NFTs?

1. Launch the app and select the "More" option below.

2. Click on your Profile located up top.

3. Scroll down to access "My NFTs" section. Swipe left or select "more >" to find the one you're interested in.

4. Click on the three horizontal dots located on the top right.

5. Select "Manage NFTs" from the options given.

6. This will redirect you to the NFT Dashboard page. Read through the pop-up and select "Take me to" to proceed.

Voila! You're now all set to head to the NFT Dashboard to manage your NFTs for the times to come.

Last Updated 18th November 2021.

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