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You may want to clone/duplicate an NFT you've already published in your Club for the following reasons:

  • You have sold out the previous copies of that NFT and want to publish more to cater to your Follower's demands.
  • You want to make a minor edit/correction without changing everything else.
  • You want to start with a ready-made template and change things where needed.

You can follow the steps shown below to help you clone an already published NFT.

Note: You can only clone NFTs that you have published.

How can I clone an NFT?

Note: The Creator's Dashboard you see below is found in the Creator's Space. If you want to access it from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide. 

1. Choose "Content" from the Navigation Bar below.

2. Select the NFT icon on the right-most tab.

3. Scroll down to see more of the "NFT Collection" section. Select the published NFT you want to clone.

4. On the NFT page, click the three horizontal dots located top right.

5. Select "Clone" from the options given.

6. This will create the NFT clone and take you to the "Create NFT" page to make any changes. 

Note: To learn what can be edited here, check out this guide.

That's all folks! You can now duplicate your published NFTs to edit them further and/or re-publish more after stocks run out.

Last Updated 15th November 2021.

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