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As a Creator, apart from tournaments, streams and video shorts, you can also create and publish NFT artworks so that your Followers can buy them using Gold Coins.

To create an NFT, you can choose between uploading your own images/GIFs/videos or modifying few NFT templates already present in the app.

You can use the steps below to know:

Note: If you’d like to learn more about what an NFT is, you can view this guide.

How can I create an NFT?

Note: The Creator's Dashboard you see below is found in the Creator's Space. If you want to access it from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide.

1. Choose "Create" below.

2. Select the "Create Now" button in blue under the "Create a NFT" section.

3. Several sample NFT templates will be shown. Choose the one you want to modify or you can also "Upload" your own.

Check out the next section to know how to upload your own images/artwork.

How can I upload my own images/artwork as an NFT?

1. Select the "Upload" button to insert your own work. This can be an image, GIF or video.

2. This will open your phone Gallery. Select "Use Camera" if you want to shoot a pic live.

3. Otherwise, choose an existing artwork from your Gallery. To access more images, change your folder by selecting the drop-down box above.

4. Pick your folder from the options provided.

5. Press "Select" to proceed.

6. You can also drag the cropping lines to demarcate your frame. Select the tick mark icon above to confirm, once done.

7. Hit "Preview" to see how it will look like to your Followers or select "Next". 

Note: You cannot further edit and/or modify these images after this.

If you want to directly go ahead and publish this uploaded artwork, jump directly to the last section.

Check out the next section to know how to modify existing templates instead of uploading your own artwork.

How can I modify existing NFT templates?

1. Edit the template as you see fit. Since these templates have two sides, you can choose to edit the "FRONT" or the "REAR" side. By default it'll show you the "FRONT" side.

2. Choose from the "TEMPLATE COLOR VARIANTS" shown below.

Note: To correct an error, use the undo or redo buttons above the image.

3. Select the "REAR" tab above to flip the image.

4. Here you can type a personalized message for your Followers using a variety of fonts below.

5. Select "Done" when you've finished.

6. Get a "Preview" of how it will look like to your Followers or select "Next" to proceed to the publishing process. 

Check out the next section to know how to publish the NFT that you have created.

How can I publish a created NFT?

1. Before publishing, you'll have to fill in the details, given below, to provide the required info for your buyers:

    a. "NFT TITLE": What you'll call your masterpiece.

    b. "SELECT GAME": Which game does the artwork belong to.

    c. "DESCRIPTION": Describe in detail (the more creative the better) what your NFT artwork is.

Upon scrolling down further you will see various other options:

    d. "PRICING": Your NFT artwork will be priced in Gold Coins. Your subsequent payout will be converted to $, whose rates are shown here.

    e. "NUMBER OF COPIES": Remember the rarer it is, the higher the value among collectors.

2. Next, select "Preview" to see how it'll look like to your Followers.

3. Tick the "Accept the Terms of Service" checkbox to enable the "Publish" button

Note: Read through the Terms of Service before proceeding. Also, no further changes can be made once the NFT has been published.

4. A pop-up will verify that the artwork will be published soon. You'll receive a notification when it has gone live.

5. Head back to the NFT section in the "Content" tab to see it under "NFT Collection".

That's all folks! Go forth and create the next great NFT masterpiece to take the world by storm.

Last Updated 15th November 2021.

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