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As a Creator, you can share, edit, delete, pause and do much more to all the content you've created (tournaments, video shorts, streams, NFTs) on

It's now easier than ever for you to access all your content in one place.

The steps below will show you how.

How can I access my created content?

 1. Press "Content" at the bottom of your screen.

Note: If you want to access this page from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide.

2. The "Content" page is divided into 4 tabs as follows (from left to right):

  • Tournaments
  • Streams
  • Video Shorts
  • NFTs

You can toggle between these by selecting the respective icons located at the top.

Tournaments: Select this tab to see details of all tournaments that have been conducted, which includes:

        i. Overview: This shows statistics for the last month on your tournaments and rewards distributed.

        ii. Recent Tournaments: You can click the down arrow to see further details. The colored text will indicate if it's "Live", "Completed", "Paused" etc.

Streams: Choose this tab to see all streams you've added to your Club:

        i. Press the Play icon to start viewing the stream.

        ii. The red "Live" status will indicate if it is a Livestream. Or the day count will be shown if it's an older stream.

        iii. The video title and description will be shown on the right.

        iv. Select the three vertical dots to "Share" the stream or "Delete" it.

Shorts: Choose this tab to see all created video shorts.

        i. Select the "My Shorts" filter above to only see shorts that you've uploaded.

        ii. The total views can be seen next to the eye icon.

NFTs: Choose this tab to see all available NFTs, divided into 2 sections:

        i. "Drafts" - Here, you'll find all your created NFTs that haven't been published yet. You can further edit or modify them as you wish.

        ii. "NFT Collection" -  Here, you'll find all your published NFTs which your Followers can purchase. The texts shown on the NFTs indicate their status. These include:

  • "Unlisted" - Unpublished NFTs not open for sale.
  • "Out of Stock" - All published copies of this NFT have been sold out.
  • "Processing" - Created NFTs that have not been published yet.

Voila! You can now navigate and explore the Content section with ease.

Last Updated 10th November 2021.

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