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As a Creator, you can engage with your Club Members by: 

  • Creating tournaments 
  • Uploading short videos
  • Streaming a video 
  • Creating NFTs 

To do this, simply open the Creator's Space and select the option beside tournament, video or NFT you want to create. For a step-by-step guide, you can view the following section.

How can I start creating Tournaments, videos and NFTs?

Note: If you want to access the "Create" page from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide. 

1. Press on "Create" within the Creator's Space, as shown below.

Note: You can refer to this guide to know how to access the Creator's Space.

2. You will then see various options, described after the image below, which allow you to create tournaments, videos or NFTs.

a. Create a tournament

You can host a tournament using our different modes. To learn more, you can check out the following guides:

        i. Creating a Quick Tournament

        ii. Creating a Custom Tournament

        iii. Creating a Private Tournament

b. Add a short video

You can create a short to entertain your Followers and show off your skills by clicking on "Add now". For more details, you can check out this guide


c. Stream a video

You can live stream your gameplay for your Fans and make it available for all time after. To learn how, you can check out this guide.

d. Create a NFT

You can create and sell NFTs to your avid Followers. To learn how, you can check out this guide.

That's all folks! You're now set to create content to your heart's content.

Last Updated 12th November 2021.

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