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As a Creator, knowing everything about your Club is vital. The Creator's Dashboard provides metrics, stats and info you need to grow your Club and keep a track of everything. 

Each Club you own gets its own special Dashboard. If you have multiple Clubs, you can cycle between their Dashboards easily.

You can use this guide to better understand the various options available for your Club such as:

  • Follower Count
  • Created Content Count
  • Payout Generated
  • And much more...

Note: The Creator's Dashboard is found in the Creator's Space. To access it from the Gamer's Space, refer to this guide.

What all can I find in the Creator's Dashboard?

Note: The numbers shown in each image correspond to the step number written above the image.

1. Club Name: You can select the down arrow to choose your other Clubs or to help you return to the "Gamer's Space".

2. Messages: You can use this to open your Chats and communicate with your Followers.

3. Notifications: This will help you see the notifications you've received regarding your Club activities.

4. Press the three horizontal dots to avail the following options:

    a. "Invite" Gamers to join your Club

    b. "Leave" the Club.

5. View your Club's Profile Pic, Name, Description and Follower Count.

6. "View my club": This will show how your Club is viewed by your Followers.

7. "Edit club": This will help you edit features like profile pic, name, description, region and more.

8. In the "My dashboard" section, you can view the following: 

    a. Time Frame: Choose between Daily, Weekly, Monthly or "Custom" options to set time frames to view the data below.

    b. Number of Followers you have.

    c. Total count of all content (tournaments, NFTs, shorts, streams etc) you have created.

    d. Number of Followers holding Fan Passes for your Club.

    e. Total Income your Club has generated from Fan Passes & NFTs sold.

9. "Ideas for you" section - Learn more about what you can do as a Creator. You can know even more by checking out this guide.

10. "FAN PASS SOLD" count: Divided into "Daily", "Weekly" and "Monthly" Passes for easier breakdowns.

11. "Recent Fan Pass transactions": Track which Followers purchased your Fan Passes with the date and time provided as well.
12. "NFTS SOLD" Count: Divided into "NFTs created" and "NFTs sold" for easier breakdown.

13. "Recent transactions": See which Followers purchased your NFTs with date, time, and price provided as well. 

That's all folks! You're now equipped to master the Dashboard and follow your passions as a Creator.

Last Updated 10th November 2021.

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