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When creating a custom tournament, it can be cumbersome having to set all the required parameters again and again to make it just right for your Club members.

With this guide, you can create templates to save those tournament creation parameters and make creating custom tournaments super quick, easy and fun.

To create templates, you'll need to:

  • Tap the "Create" tab in the "Creator's space"
  • Press "Create now"
  • Choose your game and "Custom tournament" option
  • Tap "Create template" above
  • Press "Create" below to save the new template

You can check out the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I create a template to aid hosting of a tournament?

Note: To create a template, you need to head to the "Create" tab, found in the "Creator's space"If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide. 

1. Launch on your device and press the "Create" tab below.

2. Tap the “Create now” button above.

3. Choose a game from the list of options available.


4. Tap the "Custom tournament" option under "Choose tournament style" pop up.

5. Tap “Create template” option available on the top right side.

6. Fill in the provided spaces, the needed parameters such as:

  • "Template Name": An easy descriptive name to refer to when creating tournaments in the future.
  • "Game Mode": A description referring to the number of players you want in this tournament, which you'll be entering in subsequent parameters.

Note: Only the two parameters above will be initially shown. As you enter them, one more will appear below.

  • "Team Size": Enter the preferred number of members each team should have.

Note: After filling in the above parameter, the last option will appear below it.

  • "Teams Per Match": Add the number of teams you wish to include in a single match (not in the whole tournament; a certain number of matches make up one tournament).

7. You can only press the "Create" button once you have entered all the parameters.

8. Your custom template will be visible right on top of the other templates.

Note: If you want to further modify tournament settings, check out our creating a custom tournament article to know more.

That's all folks! Use these custom tournaments to speed up creating tournaments by saving all necessary settings ahead of time. Hence, you can create more tournaments to engage your Club Followers while appealing to their specific requests (solo/duo, elimination/bracket etc.)

Last Updated 29th December 2021.

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