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As a Gamer, after completing a Brawl Stars tournament/round, you should submit your scores to the tournament host by hitting the "Submit score" button in the Tournament Feed page.

The steps below will describe how you can:

  • Submit your scores once the tournament/round is completed

  • Verify your score if an opponent claims they won

Note: While this guide covers Brawl Stars tournaments, the steps are applicable for all games that have a round-style tournament.

If you want to know how to update results for Brawl Stars tournaments as a Host, check out this guide.

How can I submit scores as a Player?

1. Launch the app and tap the "Tournaments" tab below.

2. Choose your tournament by swiping left or selecting "View all" to see more.

3. After playing the round, return back to this Tournament Feed page. Click on "Submit score" below.

Note: Please take a screenshot of your victory at the end of every round. This will help in case someone else claims they are the winner.

4. Choose the winner of the round. Please be honest here as it will help in smooth processing of results. Enter "Submit".

5. Host will then verify the scores submitted. Here, you'll see the "Awaiting results" button below.

6. If there's a conflict in scores (you and another player both declared themselves the winner), you'll be asked to resubmit the scores with a screenshot proving your victory. Click on "Submit scores" again.

7. Choose the right winner, upload the screenshot and click "Submit".

8. The Host can now go ahead to process the victory/loss. The Tournament Feed will reflect the same.

Note: The same process applies if the tournament has multiple rounds, you will have to repeat the above steps for each round.

That's all! You can now play and submit scores for all Brawl Stars tournaments. 

Last Updated 23rd November 2021.

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