Reminder: We recommend updating to the latest version of to explore new things you can do with it, enjoy improvements to the experience and expanded coverage for new games. is the hub of mobile eSports. You can do a lot more than just being a Creator hosting tournaments or creating gaming videos. You can also be a Gamer, become a member of your favourite gaming communities (called Clubs) and participate in various exciting tournaments.

The first section will give an overview of what is all about and how it can help you. 

The second section contains all the guides you'll need to become a Gamer, register for tournaments, enjoy great gaming content and even purchase Fan passes and NFTs by your favourite creator.

What is all about? is an eSports app designed to bring eSports (limited so far to PC's and Consoles) to the mobile gaming age. 

As a Gamer, you can show off your skills by playing tournament matches and winning prizes. So register yourself, choose your favourite games (ranging from shooters, to battle royale, to racing, to RPG, to MOBA, and so much more), join various clubs and support your favourite ones by purchasing exclusive fan passes and NFTs.

How to get started? 

Here are several ways to start your journey with

1. Join a Club - The more clubs you join, the more tournaments you can access and register to.

2. Register for a tournament - The entire process from beginning to end helping you get ready to play.

3. Play a tournament - What happens after registration? Find out here.

4. Explore NFTs - Know everything about NFTs and it's use as a Gamer.

5. View NFT Dashboard -  Find out how you can use NFT Dashboard to view all your NFTs purchases on different platforms in one place.

6. Rewards - We all know the main reason you're here for. Learn all about how Rewards work for future tournaments.

7. Leaderboards - Find out where you stand amongst your Club and all of

8. Fan Pass and Gold Coins - If you want to support your favourite Clubs, a Fan Pass will help. Purchase them using Gold Coins.

9. Access "Creator's space" - Being a Gamer does not stop you from exploring the Creators side on The "Creator's space" allows you to create clubs and build gaming communities with enthusiastic followers.

There's way more things to check out but this should be a good starting point. Click on "Home" above or visit the Help desk (scroll down the side drawer menu) in the App to access more guides and learn more. Knowledge is power!

Last Updated 09th March 2022.

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