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You can experience the thrill of playing in a tournament and take your competitiveness to the next level, after you've registered for one. To begin playing, you should:

  • Ensure you've registered for a tournament.
  • Open the registered tournament and tap on "Check-in" as soon as it begins.
  • Tap "View Match-Ups" once you're selected. If you're playing a Room/Lobby based game, you will then receive a Room ID and password.
  • Press the "Play" button once the tournament begins. Good luck!
  • Once the tournament ends, press "Submit score".

Note: If you're unable to play in a tournament even after registering for it, go here to know why this may have happened. 

How can I play in a tournament after registering?

1. Launch the app and tap on "Tournaments" tab.

2. Choose your tournament from "Registered tournaments". If the tournament you're looking for isn't visible heretap on "View all".

3. You'll then be able to check into the tournament, closer to the start time. We recommend checking in as soon as it begins to ensure you are able to play in the tournament.

4. If you've been selected, the system will do its work. It will match you up if you're in a team, and also create brackets. You can see this under "View Match-ups". 

5. If you're playing a Room/Lobby based game, the Room ID and Password will be shared on the Tournament Feed.

Note: The Room ID and Password are only shown to players who get selected after checking-in. Players who have not been selected are shown are informed through a pop up that they have not been selected.

6. Finally, when the time draws near, press the "Play" button to get started.

7. After the match is over, return to the tournament Feed. Tap on the "Submit score" button to share the results with the Tournament Host. 

Note: If you've won, please keep a screenshot of your victory as proof to avoid any unforeseen issues while claiming the prize later.

8. The Host will process the results either with a:

a) Trophy image for the winner



b)  Well played message for the runner-up

Why couldn't I get a spot in the tournament?

Even after registering successfully if you aren't able to get a spot to play in the tournament it could be due to:

  • The team selection type enabled by the host

  • Unfulfilled tournament participation requirement

The team selection type enabled by the host

a. Waitlist - Those who register after the slots are filled can still play if they check-in quickly. It's assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
b. Random selection - All those who register have an equal, random chance of being selected to play after they check-in.

Tournament participation requirement

  • Out of tournament - you didn't clear the waitlist
  • Disqualified - incomplete team found 

    a. Out of tournament - you didn't clear the waitlistThis message is displayed when the check-in is not done on time as soon as the slot opens.

        b. Disqualified - incomplete team found This message is displayed when a team doesn't get the required number of players to play in the tournament.

That's all Folks! Remember to check-in early to increase your chances of getting the spot to play in a tournament.

Last Updated 22nd December 2021.

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