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As a Club Creator/Admin, you can post video shorts to your Club as a way of:

  • Showing off your gameplay and/or commentary skills
  • Engaging your Followers
  • Attracting new gamers to follow your Club
  • Eventually setting up monetization of content through Fan Passes

To post video shorts to your Club, you can refer to the links below to know how to:

How can I post video shorts in my Club?

Note: Posting video shorts can be done in the "Creator's space"If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide. 

1. Launch the app and tap the "Create" tab.

2. Select the "Add now" option.

3. Choose camera to record a video short or select the videos short from the saved list .

4. Enable the required phone permissions (1. Camera; 2. Audio; 3. Storage) if you haven't already.

5a. Either record using the camera.

5b. Or select a video short from the saved list. Once done, tap "Continue". 

6. The timeline of the video will be shown above. Once done, tap "Continue".

7.In the "Post a short" page you can start by selecting a game of your choice from the available games or search for it from the space above. 

 8. Add a description for the video shorts.   

9. Tap "#Hashtag" to select a hashtag topic .

10a. Tap "Select cover" to finalise the thumbnail.

10b. You can choose from the video's content for your Album Art. Once you're done, select "Continue".

11. When you're all set, choose "Upload".

12. You can see the upload progress. 

13. Once the video short is uploaded successfully a message will appear on your screen as 

"Congratulations! Your video has been uploaded successfully".

That's all folks! Your video short's been uploaded.

Last Updated 31st May 2022 .  

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