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Have some tournament queries you need answers to? Well we’ve got them covered below. 

Q. What do I do if I won a game but a tournament host is not accepting my score and not letting me submit screenshots?

    A. allows tournament hosts a lot of leeway and freedom in organising tournaments the way they want without any interference. In such cases, please raise a ticket with the tournament and club link so that action can be taken. Meanwhile, consider following verified (blue ticked) Clubs to avoid this experience.

Q. Can I register four people for a squad tournament?

    A. The number of people you can register depends on the tournament mode and the game. For "Duo" and "Solo" modes, only two or one player respectively can register. For "Squads" you can add more. Also some games allow only 3v3 or 5v5. Check the tournament card to know more.

Q. When registering, this error "ID is already associated" is showing. What to do?

    A. This means that the In-Game ID/Tag/Name you're using has already been linked to another account and cannot be used here. In case you've used the ID with a second account you have, switch to that one. Otherwise, if you feel someone has taken your ID, contact the respective game's support page as only they can help you retrieve your in-game ID/Tag/Name.

Q. I was kicked out of a tournament by the Host. What can I do?

    A. was designed to allow Club Admins and Tournament Hosts full freedom in managing the Club the way they want. While it's unfortunate that you were kicked out of the tournament, it is something they have full power to do. We recommend following blue-ticked Clubs to avoid this scenario.

Q. How to invite teammates to a squad tournament?

    A. After registering for a team tournament, you'll receive a team code in a pop-up or on the tournament feedCopy this and share with your teammates via social media along with the tournament link. When they register, they can enter this team code to be a part of the same team.

Q. As a Tournament Host, how to kick out a registered follower from a team in a tournament?

    A. Head to the tournament management page > Tap "Players" tab > All teams will be shown. Select the down arrow button of the team you're interested in > All Followers of that team can be found > Press the dust bin icon for the one you want to kick out > Confirm the pop-up to proceed.

Q. How do I know if a tournament is happening?

    A. After following a Club, any tournament organised will be shared to you via notification. You'll also receive notifications to know when you can check-in after registering, and when you can begin playing too.

Q. How to enable waitlist for tournaments as a Host?

    A. You can do this when creating a custom tournament. Refer to the guide linked to know more. This option can be found as a toggle under the "Tournament settings" tab which you can enable.

Q. Registered early but still not selected. This has happened repeatedly. Why so?

    A. As our Clubs grow in popularity, tournaments reach full capacity faster. Best solution is to either follow more Clubs and/or register and check-in as quick as possible.

Q. I won the match but the results say otherwise. What is happening?

    A. The match results can be updated either manually or automatically. The error happens when the tournament host chooses the former and forgets to update it on their end. The best solution is to contact them via the match or Club chat to correct the results.

Q. Not enough solo/multiple lobby/single lobby/duo/etc. matches. What is the solution?

    A. As a platform, we do not play an active role in creating or organizing tournaments. Hence, you can request your respective Club admins to organize these modes via Club chat. You can create your own Club, or create your own private tournament otherwise.

Q. How to "Pause" a tournament?

    A. Head to the Creator's Space > Select the "Content" tab below. On the tournament page, scroll down till you find and click on the particular tournament > Select the "Pause” button below right to pause the tournament indefinitely.

Q. How can I unregister for a tournament? 

    A. Head to the tournament page. Select the three dots above right. Hit “Unregister” and confirm the action in the pop-up

Q. What is the difference between Single Elimination and Round Robin?
    A. Single Elimination
: Playoff style; one round vs another. One loss, you’re out. If you win you go up against others like you who passed the first round.
Round Robin
: Round-table style; one round with you going against every other player/team. Final tally of wins is counted to decide overall winner. Multiple chances of losing possible.

Q. Why is the "Play" button not turning blue when the tournament starts?
A. Despite the timer given, the "Play" button is only enabled when the Tournament Host switches it on from the back end. This usually happens max. 5 minutes after the countdown ends.

Q. What is the difference between UHost and AI-Assisted?
    A. UHost:
Manual-run tournament where team bracketing, match processing, results updation, lobby count have to be done by the tournament host. Available in all modes and games.
Full automation where all the above is taken care of by our inbuilt AI-system. Just click and sit back. Limited to a few modes and games.


Q. What is an Open tournament?
A. Open tournaments are available for all Gamers to register and join. They are not tied to any Club, league or community. As long as you register before the slots fill and check-in (if enabled), you can play it.

Q. What is check-in time? Why is it showing even after I’ve registered?
It ensures that registrations are genuine and/or confirms they intend to play. Registrations can be made in advance while check-in time is closer to actual tournament start. Also this provides those on the wait list a chance to play despite registering late.

Q. When will I get the check-in option?    A. The check-in option will be enabled close to the tournament start and after the registration time closes. Check the Tournament Feed page to see the time for check-in shown below. 

Q. What is the difference between Quick and Custom tournament?

    A. Quick tournament: Main advantage is speed. All settings are fixed in advance. One just needs to choose the game, mode and start time. Will instantly be ready to share and play.
Custom tournament
Main advantage is customization. You can tweak various settings like livestream, lobby count, private, AI-assist etc. For tournaments which are scheduled in the future.

Q. What is the Match-up button seen under the Tournament page post registration?

    A. This allows you to see all the lobbies and round you/your team are part of. Plus, you’ll get to know your opponents and play-off structure.

Q. Can I use Substitute feature for all games and modes available on the app?

    A. No. Currently it is only made available for Call of Duty: Mobile, Free Fire and Brawl Stars. It is also restricted to Squad and Duo modes.

Q. How many Gamers can be present in one tournament max?

    A. 1024 Gamers is our current maximum count, spread across a total of 113 lobbies. But this is also optional based on number of servers available and other options chosen during Club creation.

Q. Registered and checked-in but I saw the room is already full. How?

    A. Some Gamers after receiving the ID Password share it with their unregistered friends allowing them to access the room and depriving you of the chance. In such a case, report this to the tournament host via Match chat. Also, share these details and screenshots here.

Q. How can I find out which tournaments have slots open?
A. Check each tournament card for the Slot count (represented by the human cutout logo). The allowed number is shown on the right and the current joined number is on the left. If the latter is above or equal to the former, then the slots are full.

Q. Can I participate in tournaments from other Geos/Regions/Countries?

    A. We do not limit Gamers from joining Clubs/tournaments from any country. However this may be complicated when it comes to prize distribution as each country offers prize options perhaps not present in other countries. Talk to the Tournament host before proceeding.

Q. Why is my In-Game Name not appearing correctly?

    A. Our servers store your In-Game Names for faster access. If you change your In-Game Name in the respective game, then that will have to be changed in our app as well.

Q. What is a random selection option when creating a tournament?

    A. Random selection option allows a host to create a tournament where if the numbers checking-in exceed the slot count, then Gamers will have equal chance of randomly being selected for the tournament.

Q. What is a waitlist option when creating a tournament?

    A. Waitlist option allows hosts to create a tournament where if the numbers checking-in exceed the slot count, then those who checked-in first will get a chance to play compared to those who checked-in later

Q. How to enable Random selection or Waitlist options when creating a tournament?
 You can only enable one or the other. Head to the "Creator's space" > Select "Create" below > Choose the "Create a tournament" button > Custom tournament options > Press "Advanced settings" below > "Tournament settings" tab > Select either Random selection or Waitlist to be enabled. 

Q. How do I know which tournament supports Duo/Squad/Solo/any other mode?

    A. Check the tournament cards shown. The mode will be displayed in grey mid left, in between the game and the ticket count.

Q. Can I leave a team after it has been formed? 

    A. If the tournament was created with the “Incomplete teams allowed” option, this shouldn’t be a problem. Another Gamer or a substitute will be assigned based on the tournament options enabled. Contact the Tournament host in the Match chat to know more.

Q. Where can I find Registered Tournaments?
A. Launch the app. Select the "Tournaments" tab below > The “Registered Tournaments” section will be right on top. Either swipe left or click on “View all” to see more.

Q. Do all my team members need to check-in before a tournament?
No need. With our partial check-in option, only one team member needs to check-in for the Host to consider the entire team as checked-in.

Q. I’ve paused the tournaments created. Why can I still see them?

    A. You can manually delete them. Or wait for 48 hours for it to be automatically deleted.

Q. I can’t see a tournament I had registered for. What happened?

    A. Most likely it was deleted. It will be informed via notification when it happens. If you had spent tickets for it, they will be automatically refunded.

Q. How can I see my played tournament history?

    A. Select the "More" tab below > Select “Rewards”. The Tournament History will be shown here. Either scroll down or click on “View more >” to see all played tournaments.

Q. Why am I not able to participate in the tournament I registered for?

    A. There are many reasons why this happened like:

        a. Slots were filled up real quickly due to the large number of Gamers. Either follow more Clubs or register as quick as possible.

        b. The Host cancelled or paused the tournament. 

        c. Some other technical error. In this case reach out to us for further help.

Q. Is it possible for me as a Team Captain/Member to remove another member from my team?

    A. No, this action cannot be performed by the Teammates themselves. You’ll need to contact the Tournament Host via "Match Chat" to remove the member.

Q. How can I chat/message with a Host?

    A. As a Gamer, you can reach out to a Host using two features:

        Club Chat - Head to the Club Page and select the Chat button below. 

        Match Chat - Head to the Tournament Feed and select the Chat tab above.

Q. I was disqualified from a tournament I registered for. What can I do?

    A. does not interfere in Clubs and Tournament activities unless something violates our policy. Admins and Hosts have the freedom to disqualify members. In such cases, raise it with them via Club Chat or follow other verified Clubs to avoid such mishaps.

Q. How to change my team’s name?

    A. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. Once decided by the Captain, the name is fixed to prevent confusion among the Hosts, other teams and your fellow team members too.

Q. How to change your region to access more tournaments?
 For this you’ll need to follow Clubs of different regions. Doing so will provide all their tournaments for you to register and play. Or you can keep scrolling down the Home Feed. This will pick out tournaments from regions closest to your current location.

Q. How to get the password to a private tournament?

    A. You'll need to talk to the Tournament Host for this. They either share this via social media or on the Club Chat.

Q. How to change the password to a private tournament?

    A. This is currently not possible. You'll need to create a new tournament with a new password in such a case that your old tournament's password has been compromised.

Q. What to do if a fellow teammate fails to check-in for a team tournament?

    A. While this is most unfortunate, luckily teams only require one person to check-in as a team. However, this can only be done if the host has enabled "Partial check-in" settings for the tournament. We recommend reaching out to the host via Club chat to confirm this.

Q. No tournaments are available when I want to play. What can I do?

    A. Luckily for you, we have tournaments happening all around the world in different time zones. Follow Clubs from other geos (using the Filter feature) to access tournaments to play at all times of the day.

Last Updated 23rd February 2022.

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