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Have some quick sponsorship queries you need answers to? Well we’ve got them covered below. 

Q. How can I tie up with you all for sponsorship/partnership/affiliation?

    A. Currently we are not accepting any sponsorship/partnership/affiliation requests. However please do send your social media/stream links and details here. This will help us reach out to you when we resume the programme.

Q. What can I do if sponsorship rules change?

    A. As with all other technical support requirements, you can contact us directly here. Note that sponsorship requirements are subject to change based on several factors.

Q. Why have the lobby and tournament count reduced?

    A. These are due to changes in the sponsorship rules, which cover various aspects of a Club's activities. They herald something new and improved, ensured to bring a smile to all players faces.

Last Updated 18th November 2021.

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