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Q. Continuously not getting ID and Password for my Club's tournaments. What can I do?

    A. The settings to enable ID and Password in a tournament are made by the Host. Reach out to them via Club Chat and ask them to toggle those settings to ensure the ID and Password get to you. For more guidance on this, refer to this guide.

Q. The ID Password I was given to enter was incorrect. What do I do?

    A. We provide options in-match to report them. You can also use the Tournament Chat feature to let the Host know.

Q. Where is the ID Password I need to enter a Free Fire lobby?

    A. The ID Password is generated by the host of the tournament. It is sent to you directly via notification. It will also be shown on the Tournament Feed.

Q. Why did I not get the ID & Password after registering and checking-in for a tournament?
A. The ID & Password are only shared if you are either selected for the tournament or have cleared the waitlist. This is to ensure fairness for all selected or cleared players. If you face this, then no worries - your tickets will be refunded (if applicable) and you can try again in other tournaments.

Last Updated 02nd February 2022.

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