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Q. How can I send or share a video short or stream from

    A. For Shorts - Head to the short page via Club, Home Feed or "Watch" tab > Tap the arrow icon located at the right > Choose your social media/messaging platform

For Streams - Head to the stream page via Club, Home Feed or "Watch" tab > Select the share icon above right. Choose your social media/messaging platform.

Q. I'm trying to upload a video short but it's not working. What can I do?

    A. This happens when many Creators or Gamers upload shorts or streams at the same time. Do wait for a while and return later. Or check your internet connection to ensure its stable enough to allow the videos to be uploaded.

Q. Can all tournaments be live-streamed? If so how can I watch them?

    A. Tournaments are live-streamed by the hosts based on their wishes. They may let you know and even share the link via Club Chat. If they're streaming on, you'll see the "Watch livestream" button in the tournament feed.

Q. How can I add or link my YouTube channel to to make streaming videos easier?

    A. You seem to read mind. This feature is being worked on. While it's getting ready, you can stream videos by referring to this guide. Once the channel linking is present, your entire stream library can be shown on too, including new videos.

Q. How can I enable streaming for my fellow Club Followers/fans to watch and enjoy?

    A. You'll have to enable the same in the "New tournament" settings mode when creating a "Custom tournament". You also have to provide the streaming link for people to join and view. This guide on enabling livestreams can help you in detail. 

Q. What all Club short videos can I delete?

    A. You can only delete short videos in a Club that have been created by you. If you're a Club Admin then you can remove all short videos if you feel they do not abide by your Club guidelines or the policies of 

Last Updated 09th March 2022.

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