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Q. Why are there so less Free Fire tournaments on nowadays?

    A. The number of Free Fire tournaments has reduced only in India, due to the recent ban of Free Fire by the Government of India. To make up for this shortfall, is officially organising FF tournaments through the South Asia Club. While you might face some server issues in connecting to the tournament, you can play it otherwise.

Q. Can I also add computer games when creating tournaments or other content (videos, streams, NFTS)?

    A. Yes you can. You'll be able to enhance an extended game library for your Club activities with computer games like Valorant, Apex Legends, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many more there and to come. To manage tournaments on computers, refer to this guide.

Q. I'm seeing very less solo/duo/squad Free Fire/PUBG/BGMI/COD:M/Brawl Stars tournaments? What can I do?

    A. The games and modes chosen for tournaments are decided by the hosts independent of, as part of it's policy. You can request them via Club chat to host the tournaments you want. Or follow more Clubs to access more tournament types.

Q. How can I change my nickname (nick) in Brawl Stars? Why can't I do it when I click on the option?

    A. Launch Brawl Stars > Select your account found top left > Click your nickname found at the top to change. If you cannot change the nickname, it's because it can only be done so when you've hit Level 5. So keep playing and

Q. I changed my Free Fire/Brawl Stars/COD:M/any other game account. How can I sign up for tournaments on now?

    A. After heading to the tournament page, and pressing "Register", you'll be asked to verify your In-Game ID. There your old account's In-Game ID will be shown. Just press "Edit" next to it to re-enter your new In-Game ID. will automatically fetch the new In-Game Name too and you can register easily.

Q. How to unlock the third brawler in Brawl Stars and finally play it on

    A. Play matches to fill up the trophy count. Earn enough trophies to unlock the third reward on the Trophy Road. This reward will give you the third brawler. Check out this guide for more details.

Q. Lost access to my Free Fire/Brawl Stars/COD:M/any other game account. What do I do?

    A. In this case, we cannot help directly as we do not have access to these accounts. The best solution is to contact the respective support team of that particular game directly.

Q. How can I change the In-Game ID/Name/Tag?

    A. This can only be done within the particular game. Head to the Character selection screen or Settings to make the change. This will be reflected when you re-enter the details in our app.

Q. Is Standoff 2 supported on Why can’t I see any tournaments of it?

    A. Standoff 2 and plenty of other games are supported. Head to “Favorite games” section inside your profile within the "More" tab) > Choose Standoff 2 and save your choice. Join a Standoff 2 Club to access more Standoff 2 tournaments on your Home Feed.

Last Updated 16th March 2022.

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