Have some quick Club queries you need answers to? Well we’ve got them covered below. 

Note: We recommend updating to the latest version first. All answers below will be based on that version’s functioning.

Q. Can I report a Club or its Admin/Manager/Moderator for unethical behavior (cheating, abusive language, etc.)?

    A. Currently this feature does not exist. But it is being planned and will be implemented soon in future updates. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated. In the meanwhile, raise a ticket with the game.tv Support Team with this Club link and any proof you have of their actions. 

Q. Why can I not access a particular Club I used to be a member in?

    A. This is mostly because you have been banned from the particular Club, for using profanity, abuse or something similar. As a platform, we allow Club admins to act independently and do not interfere. You'll only be able to access the Club again when their admin un-bans you.

Q. Not enough tournaments for the Club I joined. What to do?

    A. The best solution is to follow other verified Clubs. These Clubs ensure that tournaments are scheduled on time and that you'll receive your prizes.

Q. Found out about a particular Club I'm interested in following. How can I do that?

    A. Head to the "Clubs" tab below > Select "Find club" below > Search for the Club name in the Search bar > Select the Club (in case of duplicates, choose the one either verified by a blue tick mark or by Follower count to the right) > Press "Follow club" below. 

Q. How can I access a Club tournament in the app?

    A. Our Home feed makes accessing Club tournaments much easier. All tournaments from all Clubs you've joined will show up there. Click on those with slots free to register. Or click the "Clubs" tab below to see all available Clubs. Select any to see the tournaments they organise.

Q. How can I access the Club Chat?

    A. Press "Clubs" tab below > Select your Club from the list shown > Below you’ll see the “Chat” button in blue. Click on it to head to the Club Chat.

Q. What are the criteria required to get my Club verified?

    A. This varies from region to region. As such, we recommend contacting our Support team by raising a ticket 

Q. How to add a fellow player in a Club?

    A. Current players cannot add another into a Club. Instead they can share the Club link (head to the Club page > Select the three horizontal dots above right > Choose “Share”) with the new Gamer so they can join the Club themselves.

Q. How to unsubscribe to a Club?

    A. While we do not have an unsubscribe option per se, you can exit a Club by following this guide.

Q. How can I increase my Club’s membership count?

Note: Take the info below as tips and recommendations. While we cannot guarantee their success, they may give you a running start

    A. The following steps can help:

        1. Advertise your Club on all you social media and streaming channels.

        2. Organize tournaments regularly and on time. Do NOT cancel tournaments organized unless it’s an emergency (ensure you pin the message on your Club Chat when you do so).

        3. Use the Club Chat regularly to update your members on things to come and expect.

        4. Ask them to spread the word about your Club to others.

        5. Collaborate with YouTubers and other game.tv Clubs to benefit both your communities.

        6. Create more Video Shorts and Streams to engage a more diverse audience.

        7. Find a signature thing that you’re good at to stand out.

Q. After a lot of hard work, I got my Club a verified blue tick mark. But now it is gone. Is that possible? If so, what happened?

    A. The verified blue tick mark is granted by different game.tv community managers across multiple countries by seeing the great work you've been doing in your Club. Similarly, they can remove the verification if they feel you've violated game.tv policies. If you feel this is inaccurate or uncalled for, raise a ticket with us and we'll help clarify the issue.

Q. I searched for a Club but I'm unable to find it. What do I do?

    A. Sometimes Club can be deleted or removed from the app for various reasons. Try searching for it with exact characters and spaces in the "Find club" page. Try changing your filters to narrow or expand your search range. If it still doesn't show up, reach out to the person recommending the Club and ask them to share a direct link to it.

Last Updated 16th March 2022.

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