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Q. I'm not getting prizes for tournaments I've won because it says I'm from a different country. How to change that?

    A. For Android Devices:

Head to the Play Store  > Tap on your profile located top right > Select "General" above > Choose "Account and device preferences" > Select "Country and profiles" > Set your country.

For Apple Devices:

Head to Settings > Tap your name > Tap "Media and Purchases" > Press "View account where you need to log in > Tap "Country/Region"

Note: You can only do this once a year and you may lose credits stored in your Store for the prior region. 

Once you do this, it'll automatically change the region in

Q. Can I exchange (or refund) my reward for something else?

    A. This varies from geo to geo. Some geos will allow you to exchange your Gift Card for something else while others may not while yet others may only allow certain rewards to be exchanged. Raise a ticket where you share your geo (country/region) to help you know more.

Q. Why can I not update my PayTM number for my prizes?

    ACurrently there is a slight issue with processing prizes and rewards using PayTM. While we fix them, we request reaching out to the host via Reward chat to request another prize from the many options we have.

Q. From where can I know about the prizes offered for a tournament?

    A. Select any tournament card and on the registration page, scroll down till you reach the "Prizes" section. Here all prizes for the tournament will be displayed. Sometimes it will also be shown in the above "Rules" or "Description" section.

Q. What is the validity for the redeem codes I receive as prizes? How long can I use them for?

    A. The validity depends on the region you're in and the nature of the redeem code. Get in touch with the tournament host who shared it with you on Reward chat ("More" tab > "Rewards" option) to learn 

Q. Can I receive Gold Coins as a prize for winning tournaments?

    A. Currently this is not present. While there may be a slight delay in rewards, we assure you that all your due prizes will reach you as soon as possible. We will also provide various options to ensure your hard work is rewarded handsomely.

Q. Why am I not receiving my rewards (gems/diamonds/DJ Alok ) after playing well? 

    A. We apologize for this. Rewards are directly handled by the respective Club admins and does not interfere to ensure fairness. However if this keeps happening, reach out to us through our direct response form with your username, Club & tournament details to help us track down and ensure you get your due rewards.

Q. How to get money/diamonds/rare items/other prizes?

    A. Prizes are granted for winning tournaments, and Clubs handle it independently. is not involved in this process whatsoever. This ensures fairness and competition. So join more Clubs, play well, win big. 

Q. Why does it take 2 weeks for prizes to be deposited?

    A. This time period ensures that the right person receives the prize and no mistakes are made. Also, as we process loads of prizes daily, time is required to sort through them all. We appreciate your patience for the same.

Q. Disappointed with the prizes/modes offered by a Clubs. What do I do?
    A. Our tournament hosts/Club admins decide on prizes independent of us. As a platform, this allows us to manage and oversee millions of tournaments and Clubs. So reach out to the Club via Club Chat and request them to change the prize. If that doesn't work, then join Clubs where the prizes offered are up to your satisfaction.

Q. What happens if I was promised one prize and receive another?
    A. This usually happens when the promised prize is unavailable due to some reason. Hence the other prize is given instead. You can contact the Host via the chat option in the Rewards section to resolve this. 

Q. How is the Rewards system different from prior Prize Distribution through Discord?

    A. Rewards makes prize-giving simpler, better and way faster for the following reasons:

        1. It is in-app as opposed to through Discord.

        2. You can contact the Host directly for any discrepancy or delay.

        3. Reduces the prize delivery time from the current 14 days.

        4. All your prize status will be showcased with details to look through anytime.

Q. What can I do if I didn’t receive a prize?
A. It takes two weeks for prizes to be processed and delivered. This ensures that prizes are sent to the right winners. If it takes longer than that, check out the Rewards section in the "More" section to help you out. You can also contact the Host directly and enquire about the prize status. 

Q. Can I update the phone number used to get my prize (Applicable to certain countries)?
A. Yes, you can. In the Rewards section (found in the "
More" tab), select the pencil icon next to where you’ve entered the number, edit it and click on “Update” to save it.

Q. Can I use Gold Coins to get diamonds and other prizes?
A. We currently do not have this option. Look out for future updates where we may introduce this option and more.

Q. Why can’t I see my prize status in the Rewards section?

    A. Only certain Clubs approved beforehand can distribute prizes through the Rewards section. If you cannot see the prize status, then contact the Club Admin using the Club chat feature.

Q. What do I do if I get a lesser prize amount than was initially promised?

    A. This could be due to your position in the Scoreboard. Check that thoroughly to ensure the actual prize you were promised. If it's still lesser, reach out to the Host on the Rewards section. They will help you get your due prize.

Last Updated 02nd March 2022.

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