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Q. How can I find out who's the Creator of a Club I'm a Follower of?

    A. While it is currently not possible to find out the Club Creator, you can know who the Club Admin  (same powers as a Club Creator) is. Head to the Club > tap "Members" above > All Admins with their names and designations will be shown right at the top.

Q. Who creates the settings (mode, custom, style etc.) for the Club tournaments that I play?

    A. All Club tournaments are created by a host who is either the Club's Creator, Admin, Manager or Moderator. If you want to request any changes, reach out to them via the Club Chat feature.

Q. Installed the app but confused on what to do next. Any help?

    A. Check out this introductory article helping you know how to begin. This way you can play tournaments, chat with fellow gamers, watch and create video shorts and explore more cool features.

Q. How can I grow my Club Follower's count?

    A. While the tips below cannot guarantee growth, they can help you out:

  • Organise more tournaments.
  • Share tournament and Club links on your social media handles and streaming channels.
  • Be regular in your tournament schedule.
  • Engage members on Club Chat.
  • Create video shorts and link live streams on your channel.
  • Ask your members to spread the word and promote your Club.

 Q. How can I find my created tournament?

    A. Head to the Creator's space > Click on "Content" tab below> By default, you'll land on the tournaments page where you'll see all created tournaments.

Last Updated 02nd February 2022.

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