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What are Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are the in-app currency that helps you make all kinds of purchases on such as Fan Passes and NFTs. You can simply top up using the various bundles of gold coins. 

You can purchase gold coins (with attractive offers and discounts available) every time you need them as there are no auto deductions made.

Note: Gold Coins are currently available in certain countries.

How can I buy Gold Coins?

1. Launch and tap the Gold Coins icon shown on top of the Home Feed.

2. This will open the Gold Coins info page. Scroll down to read through the description, Terms and Conditions, and FAQs.

3. Your balance will be shown up at the top. If you're interested in topping-up, choose from the packs available.

4. Choose the "Pay <required amount>" in blue to confirm your top-up.

Note: Unless you choose an amount, the button will be greyed with a "Select an option" button instead.

5. After the payment process, a "Coins added successfully" pop-up will verify your coins have been credited.

Note: From here, you can proceed directly to the Fan Pass page by choosing the "Get a Fan Passbutton below. 

6. In case it fails, a message notifying about the unsuccessful transaction will be displayed.

Note: If an amount has been deducted, don't worry! As mentioned, it will be refunded in a few days.

That's that! You're now a Gold Coin collector, ready to purchase Fan Passes when needed.

Last Updated 26th May 2021.

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