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What is a Fan Pass?

A Fan Pass, activated by Creators of a Club, can be purchased by any Followers to unlock exclusive content and benefits. 

Buying a Fan Pass as a Follower is a great way to support a Club and gain access to:

  • Exclusive Tournaments where you can play alongside Club Admins and earn special prizes after a win!
  • Premium Badges to display next to your profile on Chats, Leaderboard and more
  • Exclusive content such as special video shorts and access to older live streams that you can watch at your convenience
  • Priority selection for all Club ournaments
  • Premium chatroom called "Fans' Zone" where you can quickly chat with fellow pass-holders and Creators

Note: Each Fan Pass purchase is valid for one Club only. All perks mentioned are restricted to that Club.

As a Creator, you can:

  • Activate a separate income stream
  • Earn for the unique and exclusive content you make
  • Customize the price of your Daily/Weekly/Monthly Fan Pass plans

Head towards the next section to get started on How you can use a Fan Pass as a Creator/Gamer.

How can I use a Fan Pass?

1. Set up a Fan Pass for sale as a Creator: Get 100 Followers or more for your Club and activate the Fan Pass to boost your income!

2. Buy/renew a Fan Pass for a ClubYou can then buy a Fan Pass, once it's available, and renew it later to keep your access to exclusive Club benefits!

3. Customize the price of your Fan Pass as a Creator: Optimize your income by managing the price of the Daily/Weekly/Monthly plans of your Fan Pass.

That's all folks! Get set to play and earn while you access the premium perks of Fan Pass. 

Last Updated 31st May 2022.

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