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You may win various rewards on Whether you're a Creator or a Gamer, rewards can be viewed and managed via "Rewards and History" as follows:

  1. Tapping the "More" option available at the bottom.
  2. Choosing the "Rewards and History" tab.
  3. Tapping the "View Rewards" button beneath the "REWARDS" card at the top.
  4. Viewing various details of the reward such as the "Name of tournament won", "Date of victory", "Request status" and more. 

The detailed steps in this article below will guide you on how to access your rewards.

What can I do with the "Rewards & History" page?

You can see a detailed overview of your rewards whether you're a Creator, looking to give out awards, or a Gamer awaiting your reward. 

Rewards section as a Creator (approving and giving out rewards)

  • manage all the rewards in one go.
  • communicate all the prize-related necessary information to users.
  • approve rewards in a hassle-free manner.

If you want to know more about Prize Distribution, check out this guide.

Rewards section as a Gamer (receiving rewards and checking rewards status)

  • communicate with the host for all prize-related queries.
  • track prize status in real-time of all the current as well as past wins.
  • Get all the prize-related details.
  • approve rewards in a hassle-free manner.
  • Winners share their required details that get saved for future rewards.

You can refer to this article for any general query related to Prize/Rewards.

How can I manage my Rewards?

1. Launch the app and select the "More" option available at the bottom right corner.


2. Press the "Rewards and History" tab.

3. On the Rewards and History page, you'll see the Tournament History below. Select "View more >" to view all played tournaments.

4. Tap the "View rewards" button in the above "REWARDS" card.

5. The "Rewards" page will show the following:

    a. Nature of prize receives - Ranges from gift card, in-game reward, etc.

    b. Position - Every place matters and needs to be mentioned.

    c. Name of tournament won - Used to keep note of all prized tournaments won.

    d. Date of victory - See when your lucky streak began. 

    e. Chat icon - To communicate with the Tournament Host to resolve any issue or doubt.

        i. A red dot will indicate if the host has sent a message. Click on it to answer.

        ii. Message the host directly in case your prizes isn't here, or to clear any doubts. 

Note: If you want to change your prize or number or anything else, you can do so using the chat feature.

iii) You can also check the Request status. It can be found in three states as shown below.

    a. "Processing": The host is finalizing the prize distribution.

    b. "Processed": The prizes have been received.

    c. "Disqualified": The prize has been blocked as the winner was deemed ineligible.

6. Once "Processed", winner can click on the prize card to see all the prize related information and copy the card number and card code to claim.

7. You will find all the information such as card code and number. Click on "Copy" to store it in the Clipboard for easier claim.

Note: You can know more about how to claim 

Voila! You're now ready to claim prizes like a bawse. Happy Gaming!

Last Updated 28th July 2021.

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