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In case you come across a Follower of a Club behaving inappropriately in the Club chat, cheating in a tournament or any other unethical activity, you can report them to the Club Admin(s) to have them banned or kicked out. 

It's a great way to ensure the Club environs remains friendly and open to all. And if you are a Club Admin, you can encourage Followers to use this feature if it becomes tough to track everything that goes on in the Club.

To report a Club Follower, you can:

  • Launch the app and tap the "More" tab
  • Select the Club whose Follower you want to report
  • Press the "<Number> Followers" button
  • Find the Follower, tap the three horizontal buttons next to them, and select "Report player"
  • Choose your reason, upload the image proof and press "Report"

Or follow the detailed steps and illustrations to get started.

Note: Make sure you have image proof as you'll not be able to report the Follower otherwise. Also, this only reports the follower and the Admin needs to verify before they kick out/ban the Follower.

How can I report a Club Follower?

1. Launch the app and tap the "Clubs" tab.


2. Select the Club whose Follower you want to report from the "My Clubs" section (Tap "more" if the particular Club is not featured here)


3. Press the "<Number> Followers" button in orange.

4. Scroll down or type in the particular Follower’s name in the search bar to find them.

Note: This is currently not possible with Club Admins, Moderators or Managers. For that, raise a ticket.

5. Tap the "Report Player" option.

6. On the Report Player pop up, choose one of the "Select reasons":

a. Cheating - Any mods, hacks or exploits used to win can be reported.

b. Foul language - Any curse words, profanity, swear insults in any language of choice. Includes derogatory, abusive content as well.

c. Spamming - If they continuously text unrelated content which disturbs other followers.

d. Others - Anything not included above. This will open a text box where you detail the issue under 2000 words.

7. Then, press the "Select file" button in blue to provide the image proof.

8. Press "Allow" (if you haven't already) for to access your Gallery.

9. If the images are found elsewhere, tap the "Recent" tab and choose the folder.

Note: If you need to take the image, press the "Use Camera" option.

10. Click on the "Select <number> files" button in blue underneath to upload the images.

11. Press the "Report" blue button.

12. An orange "You reported <Follower name>" will confirm your action.

That's that! You've done your part. Now sit back and let the Club Admin investigate and take the required steps.

Last Updated 25th February 2022.

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