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Want to create a tournament only for your friends or a select few Club Followers? A private tournament is your answer. It comes with a password that you can share only with those Followers you want to play with. 

As a Creator, you can use this to reward Fan Pass-holders with exclusive tournaments or a chance to play with you and prevent other Followers from overcrowding a tournament, leading to waitlisting.

To create a private tournament, you'll need to:

  • Launch the app and head to the "Create" tab
  • Select "Create now"
  • Choose your game, "Custom tournament", and template
  • Tap "Advanced settings" below and the "Tournament settings" tab
  • Enable the last "Private tournament" toggle and enter the password
  • Press "Create" and then "Publish" the tournament

Just follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I create a private tournament?

Note: The private tournament settings can be found in the "Creator's space"If you want to access this from the "Gamer's space", refer to this guide. 

1. Launch the app and tap the "Create" tab below.

2. Select the “Create now” button in blue at the top.

3. Choose your preferred game.

4. In the "Choose tournament style" pop-up, select the "Custom Tournament" option and press "Next".

5. Decide the tournament mode from the options given by tapping the "Select" button.

6. In the "New Tournaments" page, select the "Advanced settings" button below left.

7. Tap the "Tournament settings" tab located far right.

8. Flip the "Enable private tournament" switch to blue under the "Private tournament" section. Enter your password of choice.

9. After editing or adding other settings as you see fit, press the "Create" button to create the private tournament.

10. Tap the "Publish" button to make the tournament live and open for all Club Followers to register.

Voila! You can now share this private tournament and manage it as you see fit.

Last Updated 07th January 2022.

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