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You can use the Club Chat  to communicate as well as manage the roles of your Followers if you're a Club:

  • Creator
  • Admin 
  • Manager
  • Moderator

You can select a Follower in the Club Chat to:

  • Assign them a role, such as promoting a Follower to a Manager  
  • Change a Follower's existing role to another, such as turning a Moderator into an Admin
  • Kick or ban them from the Club
  • and more!

The steps below will describe how you can do this. 

How can I do this?

1. Launch the app and select the "Clubs", as shown below.

2. Choose your Club from the "My clubs" section or tap "more >" to see all Clubs you're following.

4. Select the chat icon button below.

5. Press and hold any message of the Follower you want to view the options for.

6. This will open a pop-up box where you can:

  • "Kickout player" to remove them from the Club. 
  • "Ban player" to not only remove them but ensure they cannot join back.
  • "Change role" to switch their current role between Admin, Manager or Moderator. 
  • "Assign role" if the Follower has not been given any role. If the Follower has been given a role previously, you will instead see "Assign/Remove role", which can be used to give or remove Admin, Manager or Moderator privileges.
  • "Report player" to the Club admin
  • "View profile" to see their account in detail.

Note: The options available vary depending on whether you are an Admin, Manager, Moderator or a Follower. 

There you have it! You will now be able to manage your followers using the Club Chat to ban, kick, report, assign/remove their role, from the club.

Last Updated 22th December 2021.

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