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You can register with your friends as a team and play together in a tournament to display your team's prowess.

After registering as a Team Captain, you can share the tournament invite with your teammates too.

To do this, you need to:

  • Open your desired tournament page and tap on the "Register" button
  • Now, choose the "Team" option and enter all required details like your Team Name and your In-Game ID. After that, tap on the “Register” button. 
  • You'll then be registered for the tournament after which you can tap on the "Share code" button available at the bottom of the Team code pop up.
  • Once you've got the code, you can then share this with your squadmates using various social media or messaging platforms
  • The teammates can now simply tap on the shared link, enter their In-Game ID and choose the "Register" button

You can follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

If you want to know how you can register for solo tournaments instead, check out this guide.

Note: Please be careful while sharing the code, since once the player is added only the Host can remove them from your team.

How can I register as a team and invite other players to join?

1. Open the desired tournament page. Tap on the “Register” button in blue. 

Note: You can find all the tournament-related details such as mode, the number of teams (and more) below the tournament name. As an example, we'll be registering for a PUBG tournament, shown in the image below.

2. Choose the "Team" option. Also provide details like Team Name, In-Game ID (In-Game Name will be fetched from the In-Game ID it’s associated with) and tap the “Register” button. 


3. You’ll receive the Team code in a pop-up window. Choose “Share code” to share the code.

4. You can then share the invite with your friends by choosing any social media/messaging platform of your choice by pressing it’s icon.

5. The teammate can then press on the link shared. This will automatically fetch the team name and team code. They just have to enter their In-Game ID and tap on “Register”.

Note: You can also check in on behalf of your friends, if you're playing as a team. However, this is only possible if the Host has enabled "Partial check-in" within the tournament. To find this out, you can contact the Tournament Host via Club chat.

That’s all folks! Make sure you check in before the tournament starts. This way you’ll be automatically placed in the same team.

Last Updated 29th December 2021.

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