What is a Clubwars tournament & when can I unlock it?

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Clubwars tournament is a special tournament held between two clubs. Experience the thrill of a competitive match by accepting or challenging another club for a Clubwars tournament.

To unlock the ability to create a Clubwars tournament, you should have successfully hosted at least one tournament in your Club. Then you'll need to:

  • Tap the "Clubs" tab below
  • Create and host one tournament to unlock Clubwars
  • Select the "more >" button under the "Clubwars" section
  • Check out the "Warzone", "Leaderboard" and "History" tabs to know more

You can check out the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

How can I unlock Clubwars tournaments?

Note: The option to set "Favorite games" can be found in the "Gamer's space"If you want to access this from the "Creator's space", refer to this guide 

1. Launch the app and tap the "Clubs" tab below.

2. If you are not part of any Club, you will see the following messages. You can then either create a Club or follow an existing one

2b. Ensure that your Club has completed at least one tournament. This will unlock the Club wars option. Tap on the "Explore club wars" button to learn more.

3. If you've already unlocked the Club wars feature, just choose the "More >" button to proceed.

4. This will open the “Clubwars” page. Here you’ll find three tabs:

    a. Warzone: Shows all available Clubwars. It also allows you to create your own Clubwars tournament

    b. Leaderboard: Displays rankings of all Clubs worldwide.

    c. History: Contains all past Clubwars competed in.

That’s all folks! You’re now all set to take your Club to new heights and cement a spot on Club Leaderboards. Best of luck and Happy Gaming!

Last Updated 29th December 2021.

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