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What is a Clubwars tournament?

A Clubwars tournament is like a regular tournament with followers of two Clubs playing against each other. If you are a Creator or an Admin of a Club, you can initiate a tournament between your Club and a rival Club. 

Challenging another Club to a face-off is not only super fun but super easy to do.

To do this, you can:

  • Head to the "Clubs" tab and select "More" under the "My Clubwars" section.
  • Press "Create challenge" below.
  • Enter the details and tap "Post" below.
  • Choose "Share", after tapping on the 3 dots in the challenge card, to share it with a rival Club.

Note: Only Creators or Admins of a Club can create or accept such tournament challenges.

How can I do this?

1. Launch on your device and press "Clubs", as shown below.

2. In the “Clubwars” section, tap "more >" to view all available Clubwars.

3. In the "Warzone" tab, select the "Create challenge" button below.

4. You'll need to fill in the following details:

    a. "SELECT GAME": Tap this option to choose the game for the tournament. Once selected, all the fields, shown in the image below, will be visible. 

    b. "CLUB": Will show your last used Club, by default. Select this to change to initiate the tournament from another Club.

    c. "NAME": Type up the name you want to give to this Clubwars Tournament.

    d. "DATE" & "TIME": Set the Date and Time at which the tournament will begin. 

    e. "GAME MODE": Select the game modes for the tournament. You'll only see the game modes supported by the game you selected in the first step. 

    f. "TEAMS PER CLUB": Number of teams you would like for the tournament from both Clubs. This will decide the number of lobbies/rounds (depending on the game).

    g. "DETAILS": Here, you can fill in any details which describe the tournament, or any information you'd like to add to help players who register for this tournament. 

    h. "RULES": Rules will be shown by default. Add any more that you think may be necessary.

    i. "PRIZES": Clearly mention whether any prizes are involved and what they are. Additionally, you can also mention specific prizes for any positions, such as for the MVP and/or the runner-up. 

5. Press the "Post" option after filling all the fields to publish the challenge.

6. This will take you back to the "Warzone" tab with your tournament card right on top in yellow. Select the horizontal three dots, on the top right.

7. Press "Share".

8. Choose your social media/messaging platform to send it to other Club Admins or Creators for them to accept.

Voila! Your Challenge has been issued. Wait for the Creator/Club Admin (or another) to accept it before going to War. Good luck and may the best team win!

Last Updated 01st December 2021.

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