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You can easily search through the 10,000 Clubs on using the detailed filter. This will help you quickly find and follow Clubs that are relevant for you, toplay tournaments of your game of choice, watch shorts or streams, or even purchase NFT artworks.

To apply filters while searching for a Club, you can:

  • Launch the app and tap the "Clubs" tab below
  • Press the "Find" button below and then select the Filters icon
  • Choose the games and/or countries you want to filter Clubs for
  • Tap "Apply" to find those Clubs

You can follow the detailed steps and illustrations below to get started.

Note: If you want to know how to search for tournaments using filters instead, check out this guide.

How can I enable Club filters?

1. Open and tap the "Clubs" tab below.

2. Press the “Find” button in blue.

Note: If you can't see it, it is the magnifying glass icon in blue which expands when scrolled up.


3. Tap the triangular Filter icon located top right.

4. You will then see the “Filters” window, where you can filter Clubs on the basis of:

    a. "Games" - Select any game you want from  "FAVORITE GAMES" section, which you had shortlisted when you created your account. Or, choose more games from the list of "SUGGESTED GAMES" below.

  b. "Country" - You can choose from "REGIONS" (eg. Europe, North America etc.) and access Clubs from all countries located within that region.

6. Or, choose from the "COUNTRIES" section to pick a single country you want to see Clubs from. When done, press the “Apply” button in blue. You can also tap "RESET" if you want to start over selecting filters from scratch.

7. Heading back to the "Find club" page will show Clubs with the relevant filters applied.

Voila! You’re all set to filter down and follow your Club of choice. Now you can play tournaments, watch streams, chat with fellow Followers and much more

Last Updated 12th January 2022.

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