If you’re an avid streamer and want fellow gamers to see all your cool tricks and skills on display, our streaming option is a must-have feature and this guide will help you enable it.

If you want to figure out how to watch a livestream instead, check out this guide.

Note: This feature is intended for streamers with accounts in Twitch, Discord and YouTube. Ensure you have an account on these sites first before continuing.

This guide will show you:

1. How to Enable Livestreaming during Tournament Creation?

2. How to Enable Livestreaming after Tournament Creation?

How to Enable Livestreaming during Tournament Creation?

Note: Before starting with the following steps make sure you are on your preferred club page where you wish to enable live streaming.

1. Choose "Create" in the bottom Navigation bar.

5. Click the "Create now" button above.

6. Select your game of choice.

7. Choose the bottom “Custom tournament”. After it turns blue, click “Next”.

8. Select the Tournament mode of choice. 

9. This will open the “New tournament” page.

10. Scroll to the bottom till you reach the “Stream” section. 

9. Click on the “Enable Link” option and type in the streaming link you want to connect to.

Note: Please ensure you enter a correct link. Otherwise, it will not connect and cause difficulties for all your avid streaming fans.

10. Fix any other settings as you see fit and hit “Create”. 

Viola! You’re all ready. Game on!

How to Enable Streaming after Tournament Creation?

1. Choose "Content" in the bottom Navigation bar.

5. Select from the options given in the Tournaments tab.

Note: You can do this on both "Live" or "Paused" tournaments.

6. On the tournament page, click on the three dots located below left.

7. Choose "Edit".

8. Scroll down to see the "Stream Url" space to fill in. 

Note: Please make sure you enter a valid URL from the streaming site of choice (Twitch, YouTube, Discord etc.)

9. Make other changes as you see fit. Once you're done, select "Update".

That's all folks! Your livestream has been enabled. Enjoy!

Last Updated 19th October 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, click here to raise a ticket. We’re always ready to help.